4 DIY Projects – and 4 To Leave To The Professionals

DIY projects can be fun. When properly and skillfully done, they can also be a source of pride. Some projects, however, should be left to the professionals, like these examples:

1) Plumbing

4 DIY Projects - and 4 To Leave To The Professionals

It may seem straightforward, but plumbing projects can go very bad very quickly. Plumbers undergo specialized training, and they have insurance in case of mishaps. As a rule of thumb, a project that requires training and/or a lot of specialized equipment should be left to an expert.

2) Major Electrical Projects

Like plumbing, projects involving major electrical work can go wrong in a hurry. In fact, many homeowners’ insurance policies require people to get permits, hire professionals and undergo inspections for any major electrical work done.

3) Roofing

4 DIY Projects - and 4 To Leave To The Professionals

Time is of the essence when working on a roofing project, for it’s imperative to have the roof complete before bad weather hits. Rain or snow that leaks through an unfinished roof can damage the house. A professional roofer can not only do the job more quickly, they can also pick the best time to do it.

4) Major Structural Changes

Projects like adding a room to the house or renovating existing rooms should be left to the professionals. Structures like beams or footers that maintain a building’s stability and integrity are largely hidden in the walls. A contractor or engineer would know how alter or add to a house without damaging it.

On the other hand, some projects do lend themselves to a DIY approach, like these examples:

1) Painting

4 DIY Projects - and 4 To Leave To The Professionals

Painting is fun and relatively easy. It also doesn’t require much equipment beyond some paint, paintbrushes, and a stepladder. The main skills needed are good color sense, a steady hand and patience.

2) Landscaping

4 DIY Projects - and 4 To Leave To The Professionals

Gardening, mowing the lawn, planting trees and similar projects provide the fun and satisfaction of working outdoors on a sunny day. These jobs can be dirty and messy, but some people don’t mind that.

3) Replacing Doors or Cabinets

While replacing cabinet shelves might be a job best left to the professionals, replacing the doors is not. It involves nothing more complicated than selecting up-to-date doors and installing them. The biggest challenge is probably ensuring the pulls and handles all line up properly.

4) Installing security systems

This one actually depends on the company. Some security systems companies simply provide the equipment, while others install it. Can you install ADT alarm systems yourself? Not usually. ADT is one of the companies that installs alarms for their clients, which is usually what you want anyway. Individual security components may be purchased and installed by yourself, but these will be difficult or impossible to wire into a centralized, mobile-accessible platform.

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