Why Horoscope Matching Is Important Before Marriage?

Kundli milan services for marriage

India is a land of various cultures, diversities and religion. Although in every religion marriage is fixed after checking the auspicious date but in Hinduism horoscope matching is also done. It is believed that kundli of the bride and groom should match otherwise both of them might have a troublesome married life. The ‘gunas’ of the bride and groom are matched by the priest as per astrology. The main reason for horoscope matching is that both boy and girl should have a great future forward and have a settled life. Further, horoscope matching is actually a Vedic science that is done by intelligent astrologers to ensure nothing negative comes up after the marriage.

Some Key Points that are Observed During Horoscope Matching:

1. Manglik: As per astrology, if Mangal (Mars) is placed in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or tewelth house then that person’s is said to have Mangal Dosha or in simple words that individual is mangalik. In that case, astrologers advice marriage between two managlik persons in order to avoid bad circumstances like divorce, quarrels between husband and wife or untimely death.

2. Guna Matching: Marriage is only advised by the astrologer after proper Guna matching in the horoscope. This one of the essential criterion that should match before fixing the marriage. There are total 36 Gunas out of which at least 17 should match for marriage to be advised. If more than 27 Gunas match then it’s suppose to be perfect case, which will lead to happy and prosperous married life.

3. Kal-Sarp Dosh: If the person has Kal-Sarp dosh in the horoscope which occurs when all the planets are placed between Rahu and Ketu then a religious ritual is advised. This negative yoga gives a trouble life in terms of marriage, health, property and mental peace. Further, Kal-Sarp dosh can be easily be founded by astrologers that are giving Kundali Matching Service and proper remedies are also advised before marriage.

4. 7th House in the Horoscope: It holds the key to decide, if the marriage will be compatible between the individuals. Suppose 7th house has either of the planets Rahu, Ketu or Shani (Saturn) then puja of lord shiva is advised before marriage. When Rahu or Ketu is present then it is termed as Grahan dosha which will lead to troubled marriage life and both husband & wife will never be happy.

The above points are really important to keep in mind before fixing the marriage of your son or daughter. A professional and vastly experienced astrologer giving kundli milan services for marriage should be consulted, so that both boy & girl have a joyful married life. Nowadays, digital technology has also shown its impact in the field of astrology hence, various Online Gun Milaan services have come up. You just need to put the date and time of birth of both boy & girl on the website. After this result of kundli matching will be shown up with complete details and best possible wedding date. It is however, also advised that you should consult an astrologer or priest as well after online gun milan, so that best possible remedies can be done in quick time.