What Is The Impact Of A CDN On SEO

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Do you have to check so many times the speed of your website? Using a CDN, you can easily still make your website run faster. But what is the influence of a CDN to your existing SEO? Many webmasters are still groping in the dark about the positive and negative effects of a CDN along with your rankings in Google.

What Is The Impact Of A CDN On SEO

Nowadays, an increasing number of webmasters use a CDN. Yet there is still much uncertainty about using a CDN in combination with SEO. What can happen with your positions in Google? You can see that it is experimenting less with a successful website. Why change if all goes well?

Many people do not know what a CDN is and where you can use it for. Yet it can certainly be worthwhile to delve into the use of a CDN, especially if your website is not to burn. While those who already know the worth of a CDN, these people find it ideal, but why would not you change right now? Surely it is only beneficial? Go for CDN Prices Comparison and find the best and cheap CDN network for your business websites.

A CDN would yield positive results in the field of SEO!

Based purely on the facts would speedups have a positive effect on results, partly because Google through an official report has said that the speed of your website is a factor in the results. Users navigate rather have a fast website then a slow website. As a result you see a lower bounce rate, viewed more pages per visit, and you increase the chance of a higher conversion rate. Especially international sites benefit from using a CDN.

Why is there doubt on the use of a CDN?

Let me first priority claim that the majority is very satisfied with the use of a CDN and I myself am also very satisfied with some benchmarks. My personal website has become much faster and has lost no traffic, however, has also yielded no more traffic.

Causes fall CDN?

Doubts arise because the traffic is cut in half at a number of websites has been configured since the website within a CDN. There are now a number of companies which data have pointed out that after the implementation of a CDN, organic search results are halved. Best Hosting Search is one of the victims and said that they lost more than 44.8% of the organic movement.

If the information within a CDN seen as duplicate content?

First you must ask yourself what duplicate content is? Duplicate content is distributing exact copy programs on the Internet. The content is displayed through various domains and different IP addresses. Within a CDN content is copied as it were, and spread across different servers and displayed using the same domain name. Partly because of all the content on the various servers identified as a ‘single’ descent and would should have no effect on your positions.


One possible reason is that the current goal of your website can not be determined by the search engine because your data will be shown on 28 different servers around the world. For example, it may be that Google prefers websites for specific locations. Think back to the standard local seo. A visitor from Enschede who is looking for a web host, get more search results to see the area than webhosters from Canada or the United States.

Lowering the Crawl Rate

Over the past three months John L. Ignite has found that Google crawl rate ‘at three clients has been reduced dramatically after the changeover from normal hosting a CDN. For clients, this was especially effective during the launch and fetch new items. Here you will find the official statement from Google.