What Is Muay Thai and How It Helps With Weight Loss?

Are you tired of using every technique in the book to lose those extra pounds around every bone of your body? You may have gone to the lengths of buying supplements that promise weight loss. Well, the fact is you need a program that is not only repeatable but also fun. Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a new technique that people are using in Thailand to see weight loss results that they have wished for years.

Muay Thai is basically a style of Thai Boxing in the genre of martial arts practiced religiously in Thailand. Many people use this sport as a health routine aimed for weight loss. Many people travel to Thailand in order to learn this art and attend training camps in order to learn Muay Thai and lose weight. Many camps in Thailand service training and room for tourist to lose weight and good health with training.

How Muay Thai helps Weight Loss

There are many reasons why Muay Thai helps is weight loss. Some of the reasons include

Strength Training

People often confuse strength training with body building which is not correct. Muay Thai is a form of strength training. Strength training is the best possible method for weight loss. If you join a Muay Thai camp you will go through a rigorous strength training routine in order to be ready to fight. Strength Training will burn additional calories during the day even when you are involved in no activity like sleeping.

Gain Muscle

Replacing fat with muscle is another method of losing weight. Muay Thai helps you gain muscle which eventually means a happier you when you stand in front of the mirror or on the weighing scale. Even if the weight doesn’t drop drastically you will notice your body shape improving. The muscle pushes out the fat from between the skin and flesh in your body, making you leaner and stronger at the same time.


Simple running at one pace everyday will never give out the same weight loss results as your body gets use to the stress it bears in routine. Therefore, another reason you should join a Muay Thai camp in Thailand is that Muay Thai is HIIT. HIIT means High Intensity Interval Training where the routine pace and timings change often. This doesn’t let the body settle and weight loss rate becomes high. As said HIIT is more effective weight loss routine rather than a simple diet or exercise routine.

Increased BMR

Base Metabolic rate is the rate of calorie burn while doing nothing. This rate increases once you have more muscle in your body. The muscle making is an essential outcome of join a Muay Thai training camp in Thailand. Since the muscles require energy to function, the calories are broken into the fuel they require. The rate increases with HIIT training routine that is involved in Muay Thai even when you are not in fight with an opponent.


Weight loss is nothing but basic math. You need to have a specific amount of calorie intake per day in order to lose weight over a period of time. This math can be made favorable for you if you join a Muay Thai training program in Thailand. This routine will give you more strength and muscle, meaning that calories burnt per day is more. This mathematically means that you will lose weight at a faster rate.