Wedding Date In Dubai Step by Step

It is time to start preparing wedding ceremony. The question number one is right place for ceremony. If you do not like standard ceremony, think of wedding in Dubai. Interesting nature, impressive architecture, pleasant and comfortable climate, friendly people – this is all you need for memorable event. More and more young couples chose Dubai for their marriage.

It is really interesting. There are many advantages of getting marriage on UAE territory. The perfect warm climate, picturesque nature, seaside – there is nothing better for ceremony and photo session. The choice of night attraction is wide: numerous clubs and restaurants keep you and your guests always busy. The city is full of interesting places that are perfect for wedding: seashore, terrace, restaurant, yacht or even dessert. Never forget to hire a car in Dubai and go hunting for the most attractive place for wedding.


All You Need to Get Married in Dubai

You have to choose right date to get married in comfortable conditions. The most attractive date is October – May. There is a season of warm pleasant weather. It is not rainy and not hot in this period. You should think of your wedding beforehand – 4-6 month before wedding. You have to spend this time for booking tickets, hotel, restaurant, wedding ceremony and visa. It is very important to find master of ceremony to organize everything in the best way.

Definitely, wedding in Dubai is unforgettable party. It is really difficult to get official wedding ceremony on the territory of UAE. You have to take permission first. Anyway, you can order ceremonial wedding. You can take your close friends and relatives with you. Think of the hotel for your guests beforehand.

TOP Places for Wedding Ceremony

Dubai is interesting city. This is a place, where people can find the best variant for wedding. It can be azure waves, original dessert ceremony, on a roof of a tall building. There are many impressive variants according to your interests and budget.

Arabian Gulf Wedding

This is a nice variant to get married on the bank of Arabian Gulf. Just imagine: white sand, blue sea, palms and cooling breeze. It makes your holiday unforgettable. This is a good variant for daytime ceremony. Of course, it is more romantic to get married oat sunset. You can also organize little party after wedding just in the open air.

Desert Wedding

The next original but extreme and beautiful wedding variant is desert wedding. Desert is charming and magic place: sun, sand, sandy barchans. The wedding ceremony in dessert must be kept in your memory for a long time as the best unusual and strange party.


Yacht Wedding

You can have yacht wedding. This is also a great chance to organize your wedding ceremony in romantic atmosphere. Sea voyage makes your special event more colorful and romantic. This is the best variant for couples, who want to spend their special day with close people or with each other. Never forget to choose interesting route to see interesting city sights and make original wedding pictures.

Wedding Scenario in Dubai

Festive Morning. The happy pair gets ready for their symbolic ceremony. Experienced masters create interesting hair, make-up and dress for bride. So, the bride is ready for ceremony.

Official Part. The groom is standing at the wedding flowered arc, waiting for bride. The pathway is covered with rose petals. The bride is coming. This is a great day, when two lovers decided to make family of their true love. It is honorable to be the witness of this great date. It is time to say YES and pass wedding rings. This is the greatest place to get married. The life is going to be as bright and delightful as the Arabian nature is. The sun shines brightly. The exotic flowers and green palms make your day specially fresh and romantic. So, you are husband and wife. Be happy!


Cocktails. It is time to have cocktails after the ceremony. Just married must be ready for dancing, wedding banquet and photo session.

Wedding banquet. This is the right time to take your guests to the restaurant. In short, this is the right time and place for getting presents and wedding wishes. The wedding banquet is coming. The evening is full of interesting competitions, tasty food, bright dancing and fireworks. The evening party is almost finished. It is time to go to the hotel room.

How Much Is It?

Of course, Dubai is a city of millionaires. Do you think it is really expensive to get married in Dubai? You know, it may be more practical to get married in Dubai for two than inviting all family members. Think about it. Your emotions, impressions play important role. It is more important than rich banquet for many guests. The average price for Dubai ceremony starts from 1500 USD. This is a classic wedding, including standard scenario of wedding services. If you want something special, you have to pay for it:

Arabian wedding is about 1800 USD.

Original yacht or desert wedding costs about 2800 USD.

Beach wedding and banquet cost about 3000 USD. Additional services must be ordered beforehand: fireworks, walking, photo session, church wedding. Pay attention to prestigious wedding car and photographer. It is better to make a plan of your wedding to get positive emotions and memories. Think of special wedding proposals. There are many hotels in Dubai that have special sale proposal for hotel rooms and banquet halls for just married. They make everything for you and your guests to feel comfortable.


Wedding Photo-Shoot in Dubai

It is really difficult to get married without professional photographer. This specialist can help you to keep this special day in your memory forever and ever. Dubai is full of interesting places, attractive for taking photos. They are desert beaches, architectural monuments, historical sights and modern constructions – masterpieces of modern design. It is really difficult to tell about the beauty and hospitality of the city. So, welcome to Dubai! Experienced photographers can help you to feel the color of Arabian wedding.

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