Several companies have implemented balanced scorecard software in their systems to enable them to monitor digitally their performance using a variety of metrics. Many more companies are looking toward implementing similar types of software in the hopes of improving all-round performance of the company. The software is meant to make it easier for the company to implement its balanced scorecard, a strategic management tool used for planning and resource management in companies. Implementing the scorecard or its digital format is not an easy process, and will result in failure if it is not properly implemented. The following are some tips to help you implement the software successfully.


  • Be responsible for the implementation of the project

The management needs to take responsibility for the implementation of the balanced scorecard software. The management team can achieve this by being actively involved in the implementation process. The management needs to emerge as the cheerleader and champion of the implementation of the scorecard and its software. It needs to encourage all the stakeholders of the company to see the benefits that the company will reap from adopting the software. Experts recommend refraining from delegating the process to junior staff, as quality issues as well as issues with strategy alignment may result.

  • Create Teams

The overall management should select leaders from within the various departments to be a part of the core team mandated with the responsibility of overseeing the implementation of the project. Ensure that these departmental heads have thorough knowledge of the balanced scorecard, so that they are well aware of what is required when implementing the related software. In addition, it is imperative that they share a common vision with the overall management in regards to the scoreboard, the software, and other pertinent details.

  • Educate the members of staff

For the implementation of the software to be effective and painless, the core implementation team needs to offer the other members of staff extensive training on the new software. The training should begin early enough so that the staff members have enough time to familiarize themselves with the new system before implementation. The company should also hire expert consultants from outside the company to come and discuss the benefits and requirements of the software to the employees.

The members of the core team need to educate the rest of the staff members about the strategic objectives of the organization. The core team members should explain how the proposed balanced scorecard software would help the company in achieving these strategic objectives. The team should also explain the company’s expectations for the employees during and after the software implementation process.

In addition, the core team needs to create a safe space during training where the members of staff feel comfortable enough to relay feedback on the proposed software. The feedback is crucial as it helps the management understand the concerns that the employees may have with the proposed system. The management can then use this information to develop means of addressing these concerns. Furthermore, the feedback can help the management forecast how accepting employees will be when the new system is put in place.