The Cost Of The Journey from An ‘Idea’ To The ‘App store’

The iPhone game development has its own set of a journey that marks the tranquility of the gaming era. When it comes to creating a mobile game, we are only aware of the application and its function. Seldom do we know the amount of efforts and resources that are put behind the making of an application. So how much do these mobile game development companies earn?

Factors that generously contribute to the pricing of a mobile application:

Let us see the factors that affect a number of bucks that these development companies are making.

Android vs iOS:

Android and iOS – The two most powerful mobile application development tools have their own set of rates that contributes to the development of mobile application. It is considered that building an application for iOS proves to be less costly than for android. A cross-platform application would be costlier than an individual platform.

Team members:

The next factor that plays a major role in deciding the cost of the application is the number of people who will be hired for developing an application. The UI designer, developers and QA engineers are the basic members that are required in a team for developing a great application. Moreover, if you wish to create something more, you need to put in some more. Project managers, developers for different platforms, back end developer and admin panel developer are some of the human resources that would be required to create some of the beautiful and most authentic gaming application.


There are many things that need to be considered for creating an application. Apart from this, we need to keep certain things in mind before creating an application. The number of elements decides the pricing of the application. The basic elements would not demand much rates but certain additional elements raise the price. Social media engagement, server back ends, how immediately the project needs to completed, the administration, etc all play an important role in deciding the cost of the application as a whole.

Development rates:

The development rates also decide the amount of the application. In US and Canada, the development rate is approximately $40 – $240. European and UK countries encourage rate that is approximately $40 – $180. In Australia, the development rates vary from $40 – $150. In India, the rates vary from $5 to $70. All these rates are on an hourly basis.

Development time for a platform:

Simple apps, medium apps and complex apps are the three different categories that sometimes defines the amount of the application. A simple app will be less costly than a complex app as it will not only require more time but more manpower and more elements that coat the functioning of a great application.


A mobile application development company needs much more than an idea or a concept or a team to get fruitful returns. Be it android or an iPhone game development company, all strive for recognition along with a considerable amount of profit.