Round The World: TOP 10 Family-Friendly Beaches

What do you need for comfortable rest? Actually, all you need is beach and sea. The leisure is more impressive if the beach is situated in the sea shore. Of course, it is difficult to explain what the difference between sea and ocean beach is. The sand and water look similarly beautiful. The ocean water is fresh, the wind is strong and the territory is scaled. This is the article of different interesting touristic routes by the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.


Goa, India: Palolem Beach

Goa is a favorable place, where young and active people from all over the world come. Palolem Beach is a real paradise for tourists to be the most popular touristic route. You can have a good and interesting rest on this sandy beach among palms. The prices are budget according to the world standards. The atmosphere makes you to relax. The best time to come is October-March.

Beach - Goa, India

Maldives: Beaches of Banyan Tree, Cocoa Island, Nika and Soneva

If you decided to spend your vacation in Maldives, you have a great chance to live on one of many small desert islands in the Indian Ocean. These places are famous not only with their beautiful beaches, but favorable location for snorkeling and diving in the ocean deep. There are no many cultural and historical meaningful sights in this territory. The islands are attractive for relaxed and romantic vacation. By the way, it is prohibited to be naked or topless on the beach. The best time to visit this legendary place is November-April.

Mauritius: Beaches of Flic en Flac, Trou aux Biches and Paradis

The banks of Mauritius are famous of their coral sand and chic hotels. The island is circled with the coral reefs from all sides. The ocean water is always calm and clear here. This is the best place for diving and yachting. The best time for visiting is April-May and September-December. The most favorable place for diving is December-March. The best time for surfing is June-August.

Seychelles: Beaches of Anse Volbert and Praslin

The admirable seaside of Seychelles is covered with clear sand. The bank is watered with calm and clear water of the Indian Ocean. The most of hotels are small private holiday hotels that are especially attractive for families. The best time for windsurfing and yachting is May-October. The most favorable time for diving is May-September. The hot season comes in the end of the summer or on Christmas.

Anse Royale, Mahé, Seychelles


Algarve, Portugal: Beaches of Ilha de Tavira, Albufeira and Lagos

The Atlantic shore of Portugal includes admirable ocean view from one side and port cities from the other. The beaches are covered with soft sand. This is also a good chance for find a good hotel for cheap. Of course, you should get a competent consultation before your trip about the best beaches to visit. Just hire a car in Faro and go ahead! It is better to go to Tavira – small cozy town with the numerous cheap restaurants, palms, orange trees, ocean smell, narrow streets and white house like from the post card.

Never forget to go to the Ilha de Tavira. This is an admirable island and beach all together. It is hot, but the water temperature is no more than 20 degrees below. It must be pleasant walking along the beach for an hour or more to take admirable photos and fresh impressions. Never miss visiting beach restaurant to eat some fish, seafood and green wine. You feel tired but impressive!

Algarve Portugal

Canaries: Beaches of La Gomera

The Gomer Island differs from the rest of other Canary Islands.  It is created for perfect relaxing vacation and peaceful atmosphere. Tourists usually come here to have good rest in the seashore. Look! The sand is black! The beaches of this territory are covered with the volcanic sand. The best recommended time for visiting is November-May. The holidays like Easter or Christmas also welcome the crowds of visitors. The banks of Guincho and Ericeira are especially attractive for surfers with the strong wind and big waves.

Republic of South Africa

The seashore of the Republic of South Africa attracts thousands of tourists every year. The best popular place for visiting is Capetown beach. The territory is surrounded with palms, green grass, bars and restaurants. The sand boasts with magic brown color. The ocean water is great and pleasent. It is really difficult to find something more relaxing and attractive for vacation. The best time for it is October – March.


Fiji: Beach of Yasawa

What is Yasawa? This is a big group of islands that were included into the Fiji territory. The coral sand is especially beautiful against the background of deep blue water. If you need something romantic and exotic for your pictures, you should go to the beach. The rest is not cheap here. You can travel through the islands by plain or yacht. This is your chance to forget about your problems, find new hobby or enjoy the picturesque landscapes. The best time for visiting is May-October.

Bora Bore, French Polynesia: Beach of Matira

Have you ever been to Bora Bora? Actually, Bore Bora is a territory of the best and the most expensive beaches in the Pacific Ocean. The blue lagoon of Matira beach is surrounded with coral reefs, making water warm and calm. If you come to Bora Bora, you must be ready to spend your days for beach vacation only, to be free from the historical and cultural monuments. The best attractive time to visit is May-October. It is not recommended to come here in the hot season of summer.

Bora Bora 1

Palau: Beaches of The Rock Islands

The landscapes of Palau impress many tourists from all over the world with its coral reefs and sharp rocks. The water is warm here. The underwater world is unique with interesting flora and fauna. The most of divers dream of visiting Palau. The Rocks Islands is a big dream for all professionals. You can see the kingdom of jellyfish in the Jellyfish Lake. The best time to visit island is February-March.