Reasons Why Printing Is Still A “Must” For Businesses In The Digital Era

For many years, print has been the main medium to document and archive communications, reports, photographs, letter, advertisements, and still remains the first choice for many businesses. Even though there is a huge cry over the need to abolishing the use of paper, completely eliminating it out of business environments is certainly not the most viable

Even in this modern digital era, businesses need an able printer with a full toner set to keep their records safe as well as accessible, and here is why:

Print is still the most cost-effective marketing tool:

While audio-visual any online media are considered somewhat superior to printed media, one cannot ignore the hefty price tag that comes with these ‘modern’ ways of advertising. Print advertising costs way less and reaches places where TVs and the Internet are not massively used. Thus, to make a brand or company more visible while cutting marketing cost, businesses rely heavily upon print campaigns.

Increases engagement:

While other advertising options are still struggling with credibility issues, printed promotional material continues to rule the roost in terms of creating engagement and awareness. According to new surveys, consumers associate printed documentation with the concepts of authenticity, trust, and reality. Even though some advertisers may have changed printed flyers for digitally superior options, most continue to stick to printing when it comes to making stationery and other BTL (Below the Line) marketing elements.

Still not sure if investing in print media is right for you? According to an analysis made by Forbes Magazine, print publications offer costumers a brand experience that can’t be replicated online.

Reduces the risk of information loss:

Printed material cannot be bugged, hacked, discretely altered or erase, which are common occurrences in the digital world. Thus, businesses need the ‘security’ of printed material for their smooth functioning. At any moment a computer might malfunction, the cloud won’t load, or a laptop gets misplaced. Imagine not having a paper backup of accounting data, important emails, security information, photos, etc. Sounds frightening, doesn’t it?

Better message retention:

Digital information is more likely to get skimmed through by readers in comparison to physical documents. Print creates a physical attachment to the idea of obtaining information, increasing the personal involvement with the message and bettering retention.  Print offers a more tangible option to obtaining data.

Creating an archive of printed materials and publications doesn’t mean that you abandon your online efforts. It’s quite the contrary. Integrating digital and print into your business dynamics results in a well-secured, efficient, resourceful and money-saving idea!