Properly Market Your Storage Facility To Get Customers Moving

Properly Market Your Storage Facility To Get Customers Moving

In running a storage facility, you hopefully understand that you are but one of countless such businesses nationwide.

Sure, you may be one of the few storage businesses around where you live, but you also likely know that storage facilities continue to pop up these days in many corners of the country.

With that being the case, it is important that you make sure your storage facility distances itself from the competition.

From having the securest site or sites around to providing stellar customer service, there are many opportunities for your storage facility to continue driving business its way.

That said what kind of emphasis do you place on marketing?

If you’ve been slow to market your business heading into this year, change that train of thought moving forward.

With proper marketing of your facility, you can drive lots of customer traffic your way.

Want to know how to do that?

Be a Marketing Whiz

In order for consumers to know as much as possible about your storage facility business operation, remember the following:

  • Website – First and foremost, you need to direct attention to your business website. In the event you do not have one or you’ve been slow to integrate to it that really needs to change moving forward. Your website is essentially your online business card. As such, your website should hold lots of information about your operation. From how you got started to what you offer, consumers want to know about what sets your storage facility apart from others nearby. Whether you have storage units Kansas or those in another area of the country, you need to be sure that people are hearing about your brand. Lastly, make sure you review your website on a regular basis, making sure it doesn’t have a lot of kinks in it. One of the biggest issues a website can have is if it is full of broken links, shoddy content and/or imagery etc. Make sure you give consumers as professional a site as possible;
  • Social media – If you’re not much of a social media go-getter that too needs to change. Given the fact millions upon millions of consumers are socially active; you stand a great chance of gaining some business by simply having an active and enticing presence on sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, even YouTube. Also don’t be afraid to engage consumers when they come to your social page or pages. Speaking of that engagement, never dip into the world of negative social media. The last thing you or your business needs is to have its online reputation tarnished. Always stay above the fray when customers are mad, doing your best to assist them in solving whatever problem they have with your brand.

Spread the Word via Your Customers

  • Word-of-mouth – If you stop and think about it, your customers are one of if not the best marketers you have going. That said encourage them to tell their friends and family about your business. You can also give them a little incentive by offering special rewards for those helping to bring in new business. For example, if Customer A refers someone to your storage facility and that individual ends up signing a storage contract with you, give Customer A free rent for one month. You may think you’re losing money in doing so, but you’d be surprised how quickly that one month’s rent will be replaced as you add more and more customers.

When you run a storage facility business, you oftentimes are fixated on making sure the property is as secure and clean as possible.

While those are both priorities, you can’t overlook the importance of marketing your business to the public.

If you properly market it, you will have consumers on the move, notably some of whom will become new customers.