How SEO Contracts Should Be Executed

How SEO Contracts Should Be Executed

This type of SEO is offered by most firms that offer monthly payment plans. SEO firms can use this as an introduction of their service to new clients. It gives more time for a firm to accomplish its goals yet still have a set date to finish the project.

How SEO Contracts Should Be Executed

It can also be used for short term maintenance of a particular aspect of SEO like mobile optimization among others.

The Pros of Project based SEO

The following are some of the pros of project based SEO:

  • Easy to set a budget: with project based SEO, all you need is to set a lump sum for the entire project. It helps you in maintaining a fixed and predictable budget for SEO without having an ongoing payment plan.
  • The payment structure is clear: Project based SEO makes it easier for you to know what you are paying for with no surprises in future. It is either the project is complete or not.
  • You can focus on one aspect at a time: Project SEO is good to work on a particular area that needs help. You simply need to find out where your weakness lies and invest in it.
  • The timeline is more straightforward: It is easier to establish particular project goals in mind when working with project based SEO. Work hand in hand with the SEO firm and establish how much time needed to reach the given goals.

The Cons of Project based SEO

  • You might be overcharged: This might happen if you are naive on SEO matters and happen to find an agency that takes advantage of client’s naivety.
  • Lack of flexibility: Project based SEO come with a set of predefined parameters that make it difficult to make changes whenever they arise. It may cost you more money if you need you changes to be incorporated.


There you have it. Based on the points above, you can now make a decision confidently on the type of SEO payment you will go with. However, it is important to note that for the Project based model to work, a lot is dependent on your budget and the kind of work that you have at hand. If you have a portfolio of sites that need a little bit of SEO work, then project based is obviously a no brainer. It is the idea choice in that scenario. However, if you have a legitimate business that competes with others, then you must think of your overall strategy. In this case a monthly SEO plan would deliver the most value.

Whatever mode of SEO you choose, always remember to think for the long term. What may be working right now may not work tomorrow. Joe from Keen SEO company in Malta suggests that in order to be in a position to quote at the right price where you will still end up with high margins, a 1 year minimum of experience is required in the industry.  SEO is an ever changing game and you need to stay on top of things if you want to rank on the first page, past all of your competitors. It will always require constant tweaking. The good thing is that there are a ton of resources available online. There are several forums and blogs that discuss the latest techniques in SEO. So always stay informed and do your best!