How A Neck Lift Surgery Will Make You Look Younger Than Your Years?

Most people go the extra mile when it comes to enhancing the appearance of their facial skin. Unfortunately, what these individuals do not realize is that the neck is one of the first areas of their body where the signs of aging become visible. The skin on a person’s neck can lose its elasticity due to a variety of reasons. Generally, the two main culprits for the skin in this part of human body becoming loose and sagging are damage from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and obesity. However, hereditary factors are also responsible for an individual’s neck to look obtuse. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery has a solution to this problem in the form of a neck lift.

What makes this clinic so special?

Sono Bello is one of the popular cosmetic surgery clinics in the America and experts in this field of medical science say the healthcare center has set the bar at a high pedestal. The medical institute has over 100 board-certified surgeons who specialize in various branches of cosmetic and facial plastic surgical operations. They have the necessary skills, expertise and knowledge to carry out complex surgeries that surplus their clients’ expectations. In fact, the positive Sono Bello Reviews from previous patients confirm that these specialists have a reputation of conducting over 90,000 successful body transformation surgeries until date. This is what makes this clinic a cut above the rest and is reason why it has over 32 branches across the country.

Why opt for a neck lift surgery?

The specialists at this clinic explain that a neck lift surgery is the ideal solution for people looking for ways to enhance the appearance of their neck. Generally, medical professional will carry this surgical procedure with a face-lift or chin augmentation operation to ensure a total facial transformation. They go on to clarify that the success of this treatment will give the patient an appearance of having lost a lot of weight. This is the reason why this cosmetic surgery is becoming popular among people who want to regain their youthful look and eradicate the signs of aging from their face and neck.


These medical practitioners state that a neck lift surgical procedure consists of two phases. In the initial stage of the operation, the surgeon makes a small cut behind the patient’s ear. This enables him/her to remove the excess subcutaneous fat deposits and loose skin in the region of the neck and beneath his/her chin. The specialist then either alters or takes out certain muscles in the region of the patient’s neck and may restore to liposuction to eradicate any cellulite deposits. Finally, he/she will stitch up the remaining skin beneath the patient’s ear. The result of this operation is that the patient’s neck region will appear more attractive, youthful and more in proportion with his/her facial contours.

People go through the positive Sono Bello Reviews from patients have undergo surgeries that the professionals of this clinic performs will come to know that these experts are the best at what they do. This is the reason why this medical institute is the first choice among people who want to undergo body transformation surgeries.