Helping People Make Sound Financial Decisions

When it comes to environmental engineering, it simply means to use the combination of science and engineering to help the issues of the environment. There is one professional who is despite being a science graduate loves his field of work that is totally different. Anouk Govil is currently working with finance and economics but she has the background of science. She has switched to a financial and economic career as she has more interest in these fields.

She says that when it comes to economics and finance, she is able to use her analytical skills well. She states that science helps her in a large manner when it comes to helping people make their financial decisions. She says that the needs of two people are never the same and this is the reason why when she is advising them, she takes their individual portfolio into consideration. She adds that most of the time people cannot make simple financial decisions as they are not aware of the economic decisions in the market. She states that when you are making a financial decision, you should always take the expert advice of a professional well-versed in the field. Most people follow a friend or a relative when they are making financial decisions and most of the time they make wrong choices. It is important for you as a person to know your financial sources well before you make the right decisions he says.

Economics has always been her passion. The laws of price, supply and demand have helped him a lot in the career she is in today. She says that though she has been in the field of environmental engineering for a year, she loves the economics and finance world because it is very dynamic and unpredictable. In her field of work, she ensures that he keeps track of the latest events and changes in the market. This helps her in a large manner to become productive in her work.

Anouk Govil says that when people come to her for advice, she ensures that their personal interests are looked into first. The client and the financial advisor relationship is a very sensitive one and it is the onus of the financial advisor is to provide pragmatic and easy advice to investments and savings. She says that she enjoys every moment of her career and this is why she is popular and well respected among her peers and subordinates today!