Curb Appeal: Tips to Make Your Home Look Beautiful from Outside

Curb Appeal: Tips to Make Your Home Look Beautiful from Outside

When walking down any neighborhood, two types of houses stand out: the ones with well-kept, beautiful entrances, and those with unloved exteriors. The stark difference between the two types is obvious and speaks volumes about the people who live there.

If you want to make the most of your home’s exterior and make it as visually appealing as possible from the street or up-close, here are a few measures to consider. These steps will help your home stand out in a row of houses for all the right reasons.

Work on Accessibility

The appeal of your home begins at the entrance and an inaccessible entrance is off-putting for guests and anyone walking by. Making your home accessible means, firstly, cleaning up your front garden or porch to make it as easy as possible to approach the front door of the house.

If you have a driveway, check to see if it is clean and free of clutter such as rubbish, boxes, and more. Are your rubbish bins kept in their proper place, preferably away from sight? If you have bushes growing on the sides of the driveway, are they trimmed and looking well-tended?

On the approach to the house, make sure any overhanging branches from nearby trees are not falling overhead. Make sure that any thorny plants are not creeping into the main approach to the house. There is nothing worse than your guests having to jump over items carelessly scattered on the approach of your house. Someone can trip and fall on things lying around everywhere as well.

Lastly, check that the walkway itself it accessible during different seasons, especially during seasons prone to difficult times such as in winter and after a lot of rain. Use adequate methods to prevent any slipping on the approach to the house during excess snow, for example.

Personalize Your Gate

Installing a front gate is about more than just privacy. More than functionality alone, your front gate can be used to display your sense of style. Instead of a conventional gate, which may not be everyone’s favorite choice, why not opt for an interesting piece? This means investing in a gate made from solid wood, or a metal gate with no slats. Because these types of gates block the view of passers-by, they add a touch of mystery to your home.

To further the mystery factor, consider installing a small see-through section on this type of gate. You can also install a fence that is solid throughout, with no see-through sections. This will make your home as private as possible but might be a more expensive option for many people.

A great way of letting your personality shine through the gate is to incorporate elements of your favorite hobby or other interests into it. Those who live in California and enjoy gardening, for example, can try to find interesting gate parts in Apple Valley such as a small shovel or a pitchfork. These can be displayed on the gate itself to represent the owner’s interests. If you enjoy knitting, then try to find suitable items which might look interesting on the gate. Think outside the box to let your personality shine through your front gate.

Light It Up

Having a well-lit home can make a massive difference to the way it looks. When someone wants to enter your home, they should easily be able to see the way to the front door from the main road, even in darkness.

Install lights to make the way clear, especially if you have a long driveway leading up to the front door. Check to see if any broken bulbs need replacement and consider investing in solar bulbs, which will save you money in the long-term. They are good for the environment as well.

Front Door Matters

Sometimes, giving the exterior of your home a new look involves paying attention to the smaller things. The front door is one such aspect. Although the front door gets used multiple times every day, it is easy to forget to take care of it.

Every few weeks take the time to check to see if it requires cleaning. Does it need another coat of paint? If you are looking for a simple way to give your home a new look, try changing the color of the front door to something vibrant and completely different. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results. Adding a vintage brass knocker on the front door, which can be seen from a distance, will also add plenty of character to the front door.

Decoration Pieces

The pathway leading up to the front door and the area outside the front door can be decorated with several useful and unique items to give it a personalized touch. A few great examples include a bench under a tree in your front garden, paving stones near the pathway leading up to the entrance, handmade signs, a bird bath, potted plants, a painting or a mural near your front door, and other items which represent the owner’s tastes. These small touches will spruce up the exterior of the house and make it look as beautiful as possible.


Each of these points makes it easier for any homeowner to make the most of the exterior of their property. When guests come to your home for a visit, they should be made to feel welcome. An untidy and uncared for exterior only denotes the same features inside, so make sure you use the above tips to keep the outside in the best shape possible.