Beauty In Lisbon: Secrets Of Portuguese Woman

Of course, Portuguese women have their special features. Travelling over the country you can meet Portuguese girls just in the airport. Can you say how Portugal woman usually looks like? Typically, she is brunette and brown-eyed. The appearance of Portuguese women is close to Spanish or Italian. Nevertheless, they have their special features. What helps them to looks great and young?

Every-Day Care

The beauty of a modern Portuguese women starts from the nearest pharmacy. They do not need visiting modern elite shops to buy cosmetics. It is enough to go to the pharmacy shop for world-popular Vichy, ROC, La Roche-Posay, Avene, Lierac and Eucerin and Bioderma. Such lux brands as Dior, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Chanel are also popular. There is one special local brand – Sou.

Getting Ready

The usual cosmetic procedures in Portugal are: make-up removal, cleaning, moistening and anti-age procedures. This is the minimum program for every Portuguese woman. Never forget about sun protective measures – every-year cosmetic measures. They will never go out without SPF cream to apply it to their face and other open zones.

Speaking about styling, women in Portugal pay no attention to their hair styling. Of course, the girls take care of their hair by washing and moistening it. Nevertheless, they do not like cutting hair. If you meet a girl with the modern stylish hair cut – she is not from Portugal.

The local girls like their bodies. As a matter of fact, women in Portugal never try to change it. They are proud of their nature. Women will never waste money for branded cosmetics, anticellulite creams or absolutely useless honey massage. It is better to buy aromatic moisturing substances for face and body. The world esthetics is associated with not only culture and arts but beauty salon. The most of local beauty salons are called aesthetic centers.

Make-Up Preferences

What about make-up? The best popular trade in make-up is naked face. It can be easily explained. They do not use masking measures and make-up foundations. It is better to use moisture creams and colorants – face care and fresh colors. They also use powder, preferring lux brands to mass market cosmetics. Women in Portugal use SPF lips balsam and lip-gloss. If your eyes are big and bright, you have to make them bigger and brighter. This is the rule number one! The black eye-pencil or eyeliner, dark shades and dark lash mascara – this make the woman’s figure special. The make-up is bright but not vulgar.

You should know that bright lipstick, colored shadows and highlighter are preferable just for aged women and film stars. Look at their hands! It is said that Portugal women are conservative in their manicure preferences. The gels, bright decorations and nail art are not rewarded. There is nothing better than elegant French manicure. The accurate hands with the middle-length elegant manicure are high status.

Summer pedicure is the brightest color of Portugal pallet. Summer is time, when you are not limited with office dress-code. This is a chance to color your nails in the most impressive way: bright colors and fantasy decorations. This beauty must be decorated with the toe ring and little shiny bracelet. Go ahead!

Woman' feet

Multilayer Comfort

Fashion-victim is not the right style for Portugal women. Their traditional style is comforto, or casual. As a matter of fact, casual style is national preferable style in dressing. To get the best look you have to hire a car in Lisbon and go through the central shopping street in the capital. It is enough to find what you need. Of course, tourists are aimed to get something special in Portugal. So, they try to find elite exclusive local brands.

Traditional look for Portugal girl is jeans (the year round), high boots and sandals (every season), multilayer top that is traditionally made of two-three blouses of different texture and maxi or micro bag. The blouses are masterfully combined to each other to look great and elegant. What about traditional classic look of office style lady dressed in skirt and heels? As you can see, locals do not like classic. Winter style consists of several Must Have things: thick long scarf, hat and gloves. Of course, these knitted clothes are dressed completed with sweater.

You cannot find vintage shops in Lisbon. You cannot also find the name or address of the popular underground tailors to get something special. Just favorites can get their address. The most of women in Portugal are dressed in big supermarkets and shopping centers. They are Colombo and Dolce Vita in Lisbon. в Лиссабоне. The huge territories of the shopping malls are full of such democratic brands as Zara, Mango, H&M, Pull & Bear, Springfield, Benetton, Lanidor, Salsa. Such brands as Quebramar, Massimo Dutti, Tintoretto, Cortefiel, Caroll, Sacoor Brothers are also popular.

If you need clothes of high-class, it is better to drive your car to El Courte Ingls. You can find such brands as Emilio Pucci, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Furla, Lacoste, Max Mara and others. Do you want to buy something bright and non-standard? You should go to Spanish shops of Disigual and Custo Barcelona. The clothes are tempered and fancy there: eclecticism, crazy design, bright colors and forms.

Watching a classical music piece

Life Patterns

Natives believe that the key to your life success is good education. Young people try to enter a good university after school. The students used to work in the cafes and shops to pay for study. They do not want to live far from their parents until they have enough money for good flat and job. The girls and boys prefer live together for a long time before getting marriage. The girls usually get married when they are 30. Traditionally, two-three children are enough to have happy family. Portugal people like kids, native or adopted.


The nature of Portugal woman is rich and many-sided. There is a unique combination of style and plain elegance everywhere: clothes, cosmetics, life style. The women pay much attention to their natural beauty, choosing confortable clothes and stylish accessories instead of glamorous world-popular brands. Their life is state and interesting. They like visiting friends and chatting with the next-door guys. Feel free to keep Portuguese style!