5 Common Risky Medical Procedures

The average person is prone to thinking that a hospital stay leads to instant improvement. However, this isn’t always the case. Some treatments for diseases and injuries may be chancy or offer health risks. Certain surgeries can be a race against the clock, or are prolonged and invasive increasing the chances of infection. Here are five of the most common and perilous medical procedures.

1. Lumbar Puncture

5 Common Risky Medical Procedures

During a lumbar puncture, a hollow needle is inserted into the base of the spine. This procedure is commonly used for a variety of purposes from injecting anesthetic during surgery to collecting a spinal fluid sample to diagnose diseases like Meningitis. According to CPR Law in Philadelphia, a lumbar puncture can increase the risk of headaches, infection, temporary numbness or pain in the legs, and even herniation of the brain. Luckily, this is rare and doctors carefully consider the use of a lumbar puncture before doing it.

2. Gastric Bypass

5 Common Risky Medical Procedures

This weight loss surgery involves multiple risks, such as rearranging the connections between organs for patients who want to lose hundreds of pounds. Performing surgery on a morbidly obese person can be very stressful on the heart and afterwards they have an increased risk of infection.

3. Appendectomy

5 Common Risky Medical Procedures

This procedure is usually an emergency surgery because patients come in with inflamed appendixes ready to burst. Sometimes, the appendix has already burst, releasing bacteria and material into the body. Surgeons must hurry to remove the appendix without it bursting or else it can spread the infection further.

4. Craniectomy

5 Common Risky Medical Procedures

Brain surgery is never without risks, but the craniectomy involves removing a part of the skull and leaving it off after surgery. Patients who don’t take care to protect their heads from falls or bumps can end up with brain damage. Eventually, the missing section is replaced with a prosthetic implant, so patients don’t have to take those precautions.

5. Heart Surgery

5 Common Risky Medical Procedures

There are many kinds of heart surgeries, but one of the most frequent and riskiest is Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG). This involves creating an arterial bypass around a blocked coronary artery so that blood can continue flowing through the heart. It’s one of the more invasive procedures, such as opening the chest cavity and stopping the heart. Only specialists perform this surgery, as a mistake can lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit or even death.

Don’t be alarmed by the status of some of these procedures as hazardous. When your life is in danger they become necessary treatments with good chances of success, especially when carried out by a well-trained doctor.

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