10 Irresistible WordPress Plugins That You Need To Checkout!

The era of words pressing against the world of technology. It all began as a tool that created a stir in the world of blogging. When people binge invested in words WordPress saw the dawn of an era where it became popular and was soon accepted as the most popular blogging tool. With the passage of time, it became the most sought after content management creation tool that took the world for a ride. WordPress website development companies have a great collection of not only human resources but also WordPress betterment resources to make an amazing website. To improvise the website creation process we have some irresistible plugins that will accentuate the website creation process.

Let us have a look at the top 10 WordPress plugins that cannot be given a miss

Google Analytics:

Want to know the number of visitors that pay a visit to your WordPress powered website? Well, then do not forget to use Google Analytics. This plugin allows you have a watch on the visitors and also see what they are up to. This is done by metadata, views per author and category, tracking of outbound clicks and page views.

Fast Secure Contact Form:

A great plugin wherein you get to create as well as attach contact forms in WordPress which in turn helps the user to send emails and meeting requests with much ease. Moreover, the administration panel allows the user to create unlimited forms.


Want to check the traffic of spam? Akismet is a plugin inspects the comments through the Akismet web services to make sure whether they are spams or not.

WP e-commerce:

WP e-commerce is a WordPress plugin that is absolutely free. It is a shopping cart plugin that allows the customers to buy products, services and digital downloads by adding them to the carts.

Broken Link Checker:

The importance of SEO can be emphasised by this WordPress plugin where the plugin scrutinizes the blogs to check for any faulty links, affecting your website.


An extremely customizable plugin of WordPress that allows you to choose from a wide range of options that can be executed with the help of templates and CSS styles.


This plugin allows the users to sign-up and creates profiles, post messages, make connections and much more that accentuates the facility of this plugin.


AddThis is a WordPress plugin that allows the users to bookmark and share the site with other popular services.


A WordPress plugin that makes extensive use of the cloud power of WordPress.com to supercharge your self-hosted WordPresssite.

Google XML Sitemaps:

With this plugin one could easily generate a special XML sitemap that greatly influences search engines to index your blogs, making it easier for the crawlers to have a complete view of your site and also retrieve it efficiently.


Plugins save you from the extra efforts that coding demands for creating a beautiful website. There are many WordPress website development companies that make extensive use of plugins easing out the website creation process. These were the most contemplated WordPress plugins that bring in an air of tranquility in the development process.