Why Schools Needs Educational ERP Software?

You will find many small and mid-sized manufacturers who believe that they can do without an ERP system. According to them, their operation is simple enough and can be controlled with few spreadsheets.  One can find much school software in the market that help you in saving your money as well as time.

Nowadays, schools face lots of challenges on a daily basis while operating the daily administration. A school involves many processes like data management, announcement of results, timetable management, fees collection, attendance management for both the staff and students and other similar functions that are done manually. Doing all these things manually, takes a lot of time, resources and energy. Such things can now be done easily because of Educational ERP Software.

Why do school need Educational ERP Software?

1. E Communication: Students can easily have discussions with teachers while preparing for their exams and also get their problems solved. Even the parents can keep track of their children’s attendance and work performance in the school.

2. Accessible anywhere, anytime: Even if you are a teacher, or a parent or a student, you can work on the software from anywhere at any time. The Students can access their study material anywhere while the teachers can look up for lessons through mobile. All ones require is a smart phone and a consistent working internet connection.

3. Monitoring Attendances: Gone are the days when attendance was monitored by the way of a roll call. Now with a combination of biometric devices and smart cards, attendances are marked automatically and notifications are sent to all the parents whose children are absent.

4. School Transport Tracking: Irrespective of whether you are the principal or the parent, GPS enabled school transport vehicles allows and helps you in tracking the location of it and helps in ensuring your child’s safety.

5. System Alert: When the fees are due, the parents receive notification or message to remind them about the due fees. The principal also gets a notification if any of its staff members take a leave.

6. Customization and Configuration: Not all school function in the same way. With the best ERP software for schools, one can customize as per the needs and requirements of the school. This implies that you can customize the functions and flows according to the preferences.

7. Go paperless: Use of smart phones and apps than using paper and pen is a much better way of working. Information is easily available at the tips because of the school management software.

8. Easy Installation: The software is very easy to install. Once installed, you can set up and configure according to your and the settings of the school.

9. Personalized teaching and learning: The teachers can upload study material anytime and from anywhere. They can check the students’ homework, their performance reports, and make a rough performance analysis.

10. Transparency while communicating: Parents are updated of what is happening in the school through online newsletters, circulars, notifications and message alerts.

In today’s world, schools cannot be left behind when it comes to the latest technology. Educational ERP Software plays a very crucial role. So, if you’re searching for the best ERP software for educational institutes then get it designed with ZeroERP.