Video On-boarding: Solve The Remote Employee Problem

Video On-boarding: Solve The Remote Employee Problem

All companies, big and small, face employee-turnover issues. The time and energy spent on recruiting, training, and on-boarding lends itself to the reputation, and there’s the money at stake too. Once the right candidate gets the job, the company will want to train, induct, and on-board the candidate, as quickly as possible, to ensure the whole process is swift. But it may get difficult if the employee is hired remotely, or if the process needs to be extra quick.

Video On-boarding: Solve The Remote Employee Problem

How can a company find solutions to on-boarding problems remotely, or otherwise?

The answer – Enterprise Video Solutions

Although traditional on-boarding methods are still used, the inclusion of video has made on-boarding to become highly effective and engaging – exactly what is required to help an employee on-board at full capacity in the fastest manner possible.

Let’s see how an enterprise video platform and a few corporate videos can help the on-boarding process:

Introduction to company: Traditional paperwork may have too much information to understand about the company. The video introduction cuts through the clutter and presents relevant information required for the new employee to understand the Vision, Mission, and Objectives. The first impression about the company goes a long way in revealing the stability.

Introduction with C-execs: Whether the new hire is at a starting level or at a senior level, access to C-level executives provides a great motivation. Live video relay or even a pre-recorded one from the CEO or the MD creates a definitive positive impact on the new hire, as she feels involved and included in the company’s journey to achieve its objectives.

Executive involvement:  According to a report by HR Morning, close to 90% of the employees have expressed that having superiors involved both, in their induction and early stages of career, were very important for them. For companies having branches in different places, but supervisors placed at headquarters, videos establish direct connect between supervisors and employees during induction. It allows an engaging experience to unfurl.

Direction and objectives: The ultimate objective of any business is to succeed in its endeavours. Video is a medium to communicate specific objectives without yielding to misunderstanding. Pre-recorded or customized videos, which detail the objectives, show charts and numerical work boards, can keep the new hire in sync with company’s expectations. That’s when the on-boarding process is  bound to be more effective.

Effective detailing: As new hires get introduced to the on-boarding process, they will be full of questions regarding the systems, processes, and roles. HR and functional heads, centrally located, can cut the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and save time by using a pre-recorded video that answers all the FAQs, as a simple example.

This fastens the on-boarding process resulting in the new hire taking on-job responsibilities sooner than anticipated. The videos can also be used as knowledge banks for technical-training purposes as part of the on-boarding process.

Virtual tours: Little things do matter. In the case when a company campus is big, it becomes very difficult to show the relevant departments or places like cafeteria, safety exits, etc. Videos provide a virtual tour of the office or campus, and fills the curiosity gap. Virtual tours are also of great value, especially if the company has many branches.

Consistent communication: Companies have several presentations as part of their on-boarding processes and those presentations may vary in context and direction, as more than one training manager is involved in larger companies. The videos maintain consistency to avoid confusion and provide direction.

Time and energy are two things in shortage as businesses look to scale up as fast as possible and expand their resource bases. They can no longer afford to delay or complicate a simple hiring formality and all that goes deeply meaningful with it! An enterprise video platform, which is built on a hierarchical and mobile concept is the essential tool that can help save time and effort, and bring about a faster and a more effective engagement process, with not just employees, but partners, customers and the rest of the world’s people.