Tourist Attractions in Brooklyn

one thing you should not miss when visiting NYC is headed to Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden is actually a collection of more than a dozen different Parks, including children and Discovery Park, Cherry Esplanade inhabited by a cherry tree beautiful, garden stones and Cranford Rose Garden. The place is also composed of several conservatories, including the Bonsai Museum, the Tropical Pavilion and home water.

We suggest you go to Brooklyn Botanic Garden on Tuesday at 10:00 am until noon because they can provide free admission for visitors (the normal price is $ 10). After being around the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, you can also go to the Brooklyn Museum. For the venue, you can see at hotel in brooklyn ny.

The more people who claim to be foodies. So naturally when there’s a food museum in Brooklyn, USA, has just opened a museum that focuses on local food and drink and visitors get to know about the history and stories behind the food.

The oldest suspension bridges in the United States who became his landmark New York City this one so the tourist attractions in New York are required to you next visit. One of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, including the Brooklyn Bridge East River, connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan. For travel guide, you can see at

The landscape around east river have a beatiful view when night comes, because the surrounding scenery looks beautiful with decorative lights reflected at the surface of the river. In addition to walking, you can also enjoy the wonderful atmosphere it by sitting on the benches that are already on offer there, really can make you comfortable while relaxing there.

That was some information about tourist attractions in Brooklyn, may be useful for you all and enjoy your trip!