The Best Of The Best In Florida: TOP 15 Restaurants, Pubs and Clubs In Orlando

Orlando is the city of bright colors, so-called Eastern Hollywood. It is full of different cinema attractions. The weather is sunny the year round. There are many shops, restaurants, modern comfortable hotels, interesting museums and more than 80 admirable parks, fauna and tropic flora. Orlando is very big city in Florida, the fourth in size in the state. So, there are many special places to eat – more than 3000. There is a choice! The best eating places in Orlando are:

Florida Mall Ale House

This is the restaurant of American cuisine. It was opened in 1988 under the name Jupiter. This place was the best popular place in Florida where people gather together, mostly football fans. There is a menu for kids. Speaking about standard menu, it consists of salads, pasta, steaks with different sauces.

Address: 1667 Florida Mall Avenue, Orlando

T-Bone Steak

Latin Quarter

This dance club is situated in one of many popular entertaining complexes – Universal. This building belongs to Latin American culture: cuisine, music, dancing, service, traditional Peruvian show. This place is attractive for professional dancers and newcomers. It is very important to wear comfortable shoes. Menu offers traditional Latin menu and bar.

Address: 6000 Universal Studios Citywalk, Orlando

House of Blues

This is the most popular place, where the live music plays. People usually call this club НОВ. The club offers many different attractions and impressive menu. Steak is probably the most popular dish here. House of Blues is a garden, jazz club, dance pole. If you like interesting architecture and design, you will be surprised with dining area and bar counter. You should visit this place on Sunday for breakfast.

Address: 1490 E Buena Vista Dr, Orlando

Bob’s Family Restaurant

This is the next lovely place in Florida. It is famous of its sandwiches. The restaurant works from 6 a.m. till 4 a.m. The visitors can find new interesting dishes here. They come to the restaurant to be surprised from Bob’s inventions. The prices are attractive and the service is high, making you to visit Bob’s house again and again.

Address: 1745 West Oak Ridge Road, Orlandо

Independent Bar

Meet the hot night club that has unique architecture, attractive patio and amazing view to the city center. The noisy youth like dancing here to retro music. The music depends on the day of the week. The best-selling dish in the restaurant is pizza – attractive for pirouettes. Dress code in Independent Bar is important.

Address: 70 N Orange Ave, Orlando

We Got Pizza

Wills Pub

This is a pleasant English pub, attractive for visitors who like British cuisine and drinks. The friendly atmosphere and exiting musical mixes from D-Js make the pub the most visited place in the city. The drink menu consists of interesting cocktails and hot alcohol. There are three areas in the pub: bar, roomy patio and stage. You can find playing automats and videogames.

Address: 1850 N Mills Ave, Orlando

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville

It is hard to describe the atmosphere in this fashionable restaurant. If you want to find the right place to give a taste of your quality, you are welcomed! You may take part in the live performances in Caribbean style every night. The restaurant menu is created for real gourmands: lobster salad, shrinks, and famous Cheeseburger in Paradise and Cuban meat rolls. It looks like you are in the jungles.

Address: 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando

Cricketers Arms Pub

This is the right place, where you can watch interesting competitions over a glass of beer in friendly atmosphere. Many locals come here. There are 15 sorts of local and imported beer, big choice of different dishes: steaks, pies, fish and vegetables – come and see.

Address: 8445 International Dr, Orlando

Grilled Salmon


What a charming place! What an interesting interior! The bright bricks on the walls, romantic atmosphere, evening lamps – this is the first impression. This is the right place where you want to spend your evening. The variety of cocktails, wine card make Cleo special and attractive to visit in Orlando. The live music, polite service and menu help people to relax and chat. There is a karaoke for singers.

Address: 11 South Court Ave, Orlando


This is the bar that belongs to the chain of popular American restaurants that started work in 1976. This bar welcomes you for happy hours every day from 6 p.m. The dinner is cheap and tasty. The bar is situated on the bank of the beautiful lake. So, this is the best place for your vacation. You can relax here with the glass of wine and cocktail.

Address: 215 S Orlando Ave, Orlando

Marlow’s Tavern

Meet the best of the best cafe in the city. The restaurant interior is done in the modern American atmosphere. The restaurant is situated in Pointe Orlando trade center. The menu offers the wide range of classic dishes, including big American hamburgers with French fries and fresh salads. Never miss your chance to try tunes, grilled shrinks, spicy salmon. The prices are adequate:$ 4.50 to $ 20.

Hillstone Restaurant

The restaurant is situated in the Winter Park. It is better to hire a car in Orlando to get there in the evening. You should try juicy steaks, seafood, hamburgers in a pleasant relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is situated on the bank of a lake in the park. This family restaurant boasts with pleasant atmosphere, tasty food and service. You may try exotic artichokes, baked potato and fish.

Address: 215 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park, Orlando

Texas de Brazil

There next interesting restaurant in Orlando offers more than 60 numbers of salads and tasty meat dishes made of beef, pork, chicken – the paradise for meat lovers. You can also try sausages here! Never forget about desserts and a bottle of good wine in addition to substantial dinner.

Address: 5259 International Dr, Orlando

Ettore’s Hamburger, Ettore's European Bakery & Restaurant #american #food

Tommy Bahama’s Restaurant & Bar

The food is tasty, the atmosphere is relaxing. You can try interesting exotic dishes and cocktails, including coco shrinks, Pina Colada and the wide choice of cocktails. You can have dinner in the fresh air in the patio with the view to the city fountain. This is rather popular place.

Address: 9101 International Dr 1200, Orlando

Emeril’s Restaurant

What a charming restaurant! What an aromatic place! It is situated in the popular park Universal CityWalk. The restaurant was approved as the best restaurant of this region. You can see that the park is popular to visit. Thus, it is better to book table beforehand.

Address: 6000 Universal Blvd 702, Orlando