The 3 Biggest Banner Printing Design Mistakes You Need To Avoid!

The 3 Biggest Banner Printing Design Mistakes You Need To Avoid!

As one the UK’s leading banner printing companies we design, print and distribute thousands of PVC banners to our customers every month. But we also print a lot of banners where the artwork is supplied to us and though we do everything we can to ensure that the banners are printed to the highest quality, sometimes the artwork design just isn’t suited to the banner printing process. So here are the three biggest banner printing design mistakes that you need to avoid today!

The 3 Biggest Banner Printing Design Mistakes You Need To Avoid!

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Location, Location, Location

When creating your banner’s design,it’s important that you consider the location where your banner will be displayed.


The placement of your banner dictates the way your banner needs to look and what size of banner you will need. If for example, your banner is to be placed on a pavement sidewalk,visible to both pedestrians and drivers, then its imagery needs to quickly attract attention and then be easily digested sothat it can be viewed by individuals as they quickly pass by.

Image is all

The imagery of your banner is key to its success. Many clients try to feature lots of images on their banner so as to show off the full scope of their work. But sometimes “simple is best” and a single image can be more attention-grabbing and memorable than a host of cluttered images.

Simple is always best

As with your imagery, keeping your headline message and contact information simple and clear is key.

With your headline, you need to produce a strong, detailed and clear message which promotes your audience to take action. Don’t just rely on using your company name as your headline, that just won’t cut it, instead use your headline to drive home the main message and USP of your business.

And when it comes to your contact details, though you may feel placing every form of contact information on your banner will ensure someone reaches out to you, think again. You should look to use the contact information that is most suitable to the location of your banner and the audience you are trying to reach. If your business is targeting the teenage demographic then adding things like your social profile information will have more success than your phone and fax number.

So, there you have it the three biggest banner printing design mistakes you need to avoid and how to do so. You can find out more information on all of our PVC banner and printing services here.