SheerSEO – The SEO Solution You Have Been Looking For

Are you tired of investing in SEO strategies day in and day out without results? Have you been trying different SEO companies without any results?

We know finding the right SEO strategy can be difficult and expensive. Additionally, most of the people you would hire would probably use some black hat methods that while good in the shorter run, can cost you significantly in the longer run.

What if you have the SEO strategy that you could monitor yourself? And have visible results that you could check on your own?

SheerSEO helps you achieve that. It is an all-in-one software tool which helps in automating the SEO process for your website.

What would you love about it?

Here is the thing – SheerSEO is ranked number 1 for their search term in the U.S., and you would know that it’s not something that would mess around with you.

While we do compare different SEO tools, we particularly liked this one, developed in 2006, because it is perhaps the easiest to use today.

All you need to do is to sign up. You can start using it directly online without having to go through the hassles of installing and downloading.

What Would You Love about SheerSEO?

SheerSEO - The SEO Solution You Have Been Looking For

Let’s have a look at how SheerSEO can be the complete SEO solution you need.

  1. On Page SEO (Optimization)

Don’t worry if Google likes your web pages. SheerSEO does it all for you, achieving the results you need with its Keyword density tool, that can help you see how many times keywords appear on your web page.

This feature also grades your website optimization, tells you if any keywords are missing, and the best places to implement them for achieving the maximum result. It also notifies you if the density of a particular keyword is low.

  1. SERP Tracking

How is your SEO campaign going? Track your website rank in the search results of search engines like Google, and Yahoo.

  1. Referrers

Every website needs backlinks. SheerSEO makes it easier for you to now which websites are linking back to yours.

  1. Social Tracking

Is anybody recommending or talking about you online? This feature helps to closely track Facebook and Twitter and see in which posts your website is mentioned. You can use it to identify potential network influencers or even ad

  1. Track Competitors

SheerSEO helps you track your competitors by bringing back the ranking in the search engines and also by analysing their sites.

  1. Request for Reviews of your website

Searching for a website similar to yours can be a tedious task. But with this feature, you can find out all the relevant blogs in an instant. You can even ask them to review and include a link to your website.

Another useful feature of this software is that it allows you to get reports in your e-mail in PDF or CSV format.

SheerSEO: The SEO Solution You Need

With the help of this, you can accumulate all the data collected for your website in one place. You can also measure your overall progress in terms of ranking and popularity.

Pricing and Plans

SheerSEO allows you a two-month free trial period. During this time, you can familiarize yourself with this wonderful tool and make the most of it. It also offers a free demo of the website, and it is really helpful to understand how the software works.

After the trial period expires, there are a variety of paid packages to choose from. These are:




Professional Thin-$25/month


Unlike competitors like Alexa that charge as muchas three times the amount, SheerSEO is quite affordable, and quite impressive.

Should you use SheerSEO?


You can use it on any device, at any time. With an impressive list of features coupled with a very reasonable price, SheerSEO is definitely recommended.

The tool has over 56,000 customers and numerous good customer reviews, and there is no doubt that it is one of the best tools available out there today.