Making Valentine’s Day a Perfect 10

Belgaum, a bustling city, situated on the borders of Maharashtra and Karnataka, has an important military centre and a well-known educational hub. A number of engineering colleges, medical colleges and dental collages bring in hordes of youngsters from across the country, making Belgaum a city of mixed cultures and language, creating a perfect balance between traditional localites and modern youngsters.

Valentine’s Day is a day that is celebrated with much fervour in Belgaum. The whole city gets doused in valentine magic, love fills the air and local gift shops and florists fill to the brim with Valentine’s Day paraphernalia. The local markets get overcrowded with Valentine day shopp9ing enthusiasts who throng shops in search of gifts for loved ones, family and friends.  Buying a gift – whatever the gift is – and giving it on V-Day is all about executing it well. Careful planning, deliberation and timed action will make a valentine feel extra special.

Here are ten special gifts and ideas to make a valentine’s day a perfect 10.

  1. Pre-date message

To make things more exciting for a loved one, send a pre-Valentine’s message, either as a text message, a WhatsApp message, an email, or an e-card that sets the tone for the following day of love. A simple ‘Can’t wait…’ message will do the trick

  1. Follow up with flowers

Nothing pleases like flowers do. Whether it’s a guy or a girl, flowers weave their own charm. A bunch of red roses, a single scarlet rose, or a basket full of exotic flowers (or any flower that can attach meaning to the relationship) can be sent as a valentines day gifts to Belgaum. Flowers are great as a surprise, and the online flowers category enables midnight delivery, timed delivery and same day delivery.

  1. Make it poetic

A personal message with a love poem or a creative write-up describing the plan for the date night can be sent as a message along with the flowers.

  1. Build excitement through the day

Small gifts like personalized mugs, calendars, chocolates, mithai, can be sent at different times of the day by ordering the gifts online. This can build excitement, and keeps the Valentine guessing about what’s next.

  1. Send across an outfit for the date

Make the valentine feel special. Presenting a loved one with an outfit that should be worn for the date will show how much planning has gone into making the day special. Trendy and smart clothing and accessories can be sent as gifts online.

  1. Make it elaborate

Choose a fancy bottle of wine or champagne online, and send it across as a celebration token.

  1. Plan the main gift

The main gift should be exquisite. For those planning to propose, nothing is more exquisite than a ring. However, for others, any piece of exquisite jewellery available online makes a good gift. For guys, usually a utility gift that they have been wanting for long can be a great gift.

  1. Plan a fancy dinner

Whether the dinner is a hand-cooked meal at home or a snazzy restaurant, make it special with candle lights, perfume and romantic music.

  1. End it with dessert

Sweets are mandatory. A surprise cake ordered online and delivered at the date venue will make things more special.

  1. Closure

Not many think of a closure. A parting gift like a box of valentine chocolates, a branded perfume or a midnight bouquet of roses telling the valentine that the date was special will be a perfect closure for the well-planned date.

Valentine’s Day is a special day and making it special for a valentine with special gestures, creative ideas and perfect planning is key.