How to Prepare for Major Home Renovations

This winter could be the best time to prepare for your next major home renovation. While most projects are carried out during the summer, contractors are much more affordable during the coldest season of the year. A lull in work for contractors, combined with the fact that materials are cheaper during the winter, means that homeowners can save a lot of money by starting renovations now.

Renovations can be daunting, but preparing by following the following tips can simplify matters. Some renovations — like building a fireplace in your home — can even make the rest of your winter more comfortable. Whether you decide you hire a contractor or go at it on your own, here are some ways to prepare your next home renovation:

Setting up the Renovation Area

The first step to preparing your home for a renovation is organization. This doesn’t have to be a costly process; there are plenty of ways to organize a home on a budget. Decluttering your home can help home improvement projects run much more smoothly. Purge everything that you do not want or need. You can trash, donate, or even sell items that are no longer needed. Not only will this make the project easier, it can generate some extra cash for the renovation.

How to Prepare for Major Home Renovations

A decluttered home can look warm and inviting.

Next, areas that will be under construction need to be completely walled off with a compression-fit temporary wall. Why? Dust. While this may seem like a trivial consideration, homeowners are often shocked at the amount of dust and debris that can scatter through their property. Sealing off the construction area will limit the amount of clean-up needed afterwards. Optionally, air handlers can be used in other areas to absolutely prevent any dust from scattering through the home. If possible, turn off heating and air-conditioning during renovations, as dust can travel through vents as well. With these precautions in mind, a lot of extra cleanup can be avoided.

Another problem that needs to be addressed is noise. Excessive noise should be suppressed to avoid confrontations with irate neighbors. Letting your neighbors know about upcoming renovations beforehand can also prevent some ill-will. If a contractor will be carrying out renovations, these steps may help keep you sane over the duration of the project. Simple screens and enclosures made out of plywood can effectively reduce noisy work. Those who work from home should seek alternative places to work and sleep until construction is done.

Getting Financially Prepared

Financially preparing for a home renovation can be a challenging task, depending on your situation. Doing research and choosing the best option is essential; half-heartedly doing this step could lead to wasted money and heartache. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available to homeowners looking to modify their home to accommodate for life’s transitions.

How to Prepare for Major Home Renovations

Many finance options are available for those looking to renovate.

Many middle-aged homeowners looking to renovate will simply borrow from their 401 (k) to fund the project. A home equity line of credit can be risky if your financial situation is tight, since the home could be repossessed after missed payments. Major additions may require a construction loan, but common renovations can be funded by refinancing your mortgage. Other options may be available depending on your circumstances, such as reverse mortgages, 20sk loans, and FHA Title 1 loans. These options are only available to homeowners who fall under strict criteria, but they are potential avenues to getting financial assistance for your home renovation.

Anyone looking to complete a renovation this winter should be sure to organize their home and secure the finances needed to carry out their projects. While unexpected events might complicate matters, they are not insurmountable to the prepared homeowner. By the time spring rolls around, you could find yourself in the home that perfectly suits your family’s needs.