How Freight Prices Are Calculated

How Freight Prices Are Calculated

It is clear that now more than ever, it is very important for you to keep your freight shipping prices down. As the price of just about everything is growing, your profit margins are probably getting more and more slim. If you are trying to make a move overseas, you need to keep your costs down so that you can afford all of the different expenses that come with moving. For the aspects of your business or your move that aren’t getting steadily more expensive, they are likely in flux. The price of fuel can change by an order of magnitude in the course of one year. So, knowing how freight prices are calculated can help you keep your prices down. It can also help you make a budget. A budget is much easier to write when you have more concrete information or even good estimates.

How Freight Prices Are Calculated

Departure and Destination

The prices for shipping are going to be different depending on where you are and where you are shipping to. Distance is of course a significant factor. Shipping is more expensive when you are sending things far away. However, that is not a guarantee, and it is certainly not the only factor. Some places are still less expensive to ship to regardless of distance. Pallet delivery in Denmark will be priced differently than delivery from London. A pallet delivery firm should provide you with a free quote to help you determine how much money you will spend sending items from one place or another. An automated quote isn’t always exact, but it can help you get a better idea of how much you will spend.


The dimensions of your pallet are also important. If you are sending boxes or some kind of easily stacked items, then your dimensions won’t be much of an issue. You can just input the dimensions and receive a quote. However, there can be some difficulties if you need to send non-uniform items. If you are sending something that isn’t perfectly square or rectangular, inputting the dimensions can be difficult. You might need to speak directly to a professional who can give you a better understanding of how much it will cost you to send.


The weight of your freight is important to how much it costs as well. Furthermore, the weight is one of the most significant aspects that affects the overall cost. If you are shipping by air or by road, the weight of your items will be very important, but if you’re shipping by sea, it’s not quite as important. It still factors in, but the buoyancy of water keeps it afloat without much consideration of the weight of your shipment. The weight is also most important for the price of shipping by air. It takes more effort to keep an airplane in the air. Therefore, heavy items are charged much more.

There are a few more factors that affect your shipping costs, but these are the general strokes that you need to consider. A free quote helps you budget more effectively.