Disadvantages Of Free Web Hosting: Why You Should Choose Paid Services

Free Web Hosting

Yes Free web hosting does exit. But with a free WordPress hosting you may uncomfortable from the side of the security, uptime, speed and support etc. Therefore the suggestion is to avoid the free hosting or otherwise take some extreme cautions while choosing a free Web host. There are too much restrictions.

Disadvantages Of Free Web Hosting: Why You Should Choose Paid Services

There may be chances that you made a good website and in the very next day their servers got crashed and you lost everything. Another thing that you can never make a good position in search engine because free hosting is slow and unresponsive. If you have the excellent idea then you must choose the best hosting provider. And now the companies offer best hosting services at low prices to gain the competitive edge. Not only the slow speed, there are also many other factors those makes free hosting annoying and frustrating. So let’s look at some of them;

Support Services:

For a new person support services are as much important as the air for the human. If something happened to your site then where to know that what actually happened. Of course the best way is to communicate with the hosting company. The company support team can help you at that time and guide you that what you should do. Not only this at some crucial event the support team handle the whole situation and diagnose the issue from your behalf.

But in a free hosting there is no support available. Some companies offer support via emails but the response is very slow. Moreover, there is no guarantee that they solve the problem that you filed.

Server Breakdown:

There are numerous breakdown and your site becomes inactive many times during a day. There are chances that these are deliberate breakdowns that urge the user to go for their premium services. The services inconsistency is as much that sometime you can’t even access to your dashboard where you manage your site.

Everything is limited:

In a free web hosting there is very much limitation. Like some companies offer only 2GB storage. Not only the storage the also impose limit on the size of the file that you want to upload. Like some companies file size limit is 10MB. You cannot upload a single file which has a size more than 10MB. Additionally there is also the restriction on the number of visitors. They may even suspend your account if your site has high traffic spikes.


Who want to take the risk of security? No one. The companies which are offering premium services spend plenty of dollars to secure their services. And if still someone hack your site then contact with hosting provider then their team will handle the situation. But in case of free hosting you are all alone and company did not offer any security layer.

The Long Url Address:

Without domain name your site is unable to access. Free hosting providers a offer free sub-domain. But due to the sub-domain makes your website url much longer. The lengthy url’s are difficult to remember. Typing long address is a headache. There is also a chance that the person who want to visit your site may type wrong spell and so he/she unable to access your site.


The free web hosting mostly equipped with old technology. Like most of companies in the industry using the SSD drives to make their services more reliable. Moreover there are many other options like php version. PHP also has the impact on the site speed the latest versions are much more compatible than the older one’s but free hosting still providers still relying on the old versions.

Plugins incompatibility:

Installing plugins is a great way to do things in instantly. But many plugins did not work propely at free hosting. Because free hosting relying on the old technology which is not compatible to the new one that’s why the users face inconveniences.


Generally speaking, a free web host should be avoided if you want to set up a business Website. The resultant loss in terms of customers lost can be much higher than the actual gain to be had through Web presence. A sub-standard site is often the sign of a sub-standard business, if you don’t have huge money then choose from the cheap WordPress hosting for reliable service.

Free web hosting might be considerable when you want to setup a personal blog for getting the experience or you want a blog for limited time offer. So if you want to setup a website with aim to grow it then, money will have to be invested eventually.