A Guide To Gel Manicure At Home For Christmas

Christmas is almost here and you must be busy with the preparations. I guess you must have already planned what dress to wear, the decorations of the christmas party and everything is just so well planned. But, one thing that you are forgetting is your nails. A perfectly gel manicured nails can add elegance to your look.

In this blog I will tell you how you can get a gel manicure at home and the do’s and dont’s related to it. But, you must have an OPI gel machine to make the whole process easy. First let me discuss about the do’s.

Proper research is a must

Okay, let me begin by saying that you must have a gel manicure kit, which you can buy online. Nowadays the DIY gel nail products are available which are long lasting and comes in variant of soak off gel polish. Now with a kit and opi gel machine, start doing some research on the internet. Look for unique ideas about how you can make your manicure. There are videos available which shows step by step of doing a gel manicure.

Don’t be lazy

Like a normal regular polish manicure, gel polishes require the same steps. So, don’t be lazy. Start by pushing back the cuticles. Then file the nails according to the shape you desire. Apply a pH balancing primer and allow it to dry. This is the basic for any kind of manicure and ladies, you cannot really bungle this step.

Make sure everything is handy

Before starting, you should keep everything near your hand to grab the things you need easily. Otherwise, you will have to  unnecessarily look for things and dirt will stick to your nails, making the manicure defective. So, what are the things that you need to keep handy? Here goes the list-

  • OPI gel machine
  • Primer, base, top coat and the colored gel polishes that you wish to apply.
  • Cleansing alcohol
  • Paper towels
  • Clean up brush.

Apply the art

Now you can start applying the gel polish on your nails. Since, it is for christmas you can do a bit of research on some ideas about christmas nail art. You can choose your colors like red, green , white and then put some stones on top or however you want to decorate your nails. Now, by using the OPI gel machine, you can dry them and apply the top transparent coat. Again with the help of the OPI machine cure the gel nails.

These tips are just simple to follow. Now, comes the main thing- the ‘DONT’S’. There are certain things which we have heard that we should avoid for the manicures to be perfect, yet we end up doing those. Here, let me give you a list of the things that you should refrain from doing, while doing a manicure.

  • Don’t wash your hands immediately after manicure. I know you may feel like doing so, but it can have a negative impact on your manicure.
  • Do not apply the gel polish in thick layers. It can have a bad effect on your nails and the curing time will also be more. You can apply it 2-3 times, but the layers should in no way be thick.
  • The last important thing to keep in mind is do not pick. I know it can be tempting at times, but picking a gel polish can be highly damaging for the nail bed.

So, ladies if you are planning to look stunning this  christmas, do not forget about your nails. With a gel manicure kit and an OPI machine at home, you can try the manicure at home itself. Hope you have a gala time experimenting with nail art designs and have a wonderful Christmas!