5 Tips For Choosing A Corporate Award

5 Tips For Choosing A Corporate Award

When the corporate awards season comes around in your organisation, it is understandable that you may find it tough to settle on the best products. The options for trophies, plaques, medals and sculptures are in their millions with each manufacturer offering something unique. Whatever the type of award selected, it is a reflection of your brand as a whole, so you want guarantees that it will be a good one. Corporate awards give you the chance to market your company, and that can only happen if the choice is right. Quality EFX awards can motivate and send a message at the same time, but they have to be designed for it. Awarding employees shows appreciation, and that contributes a great deal in boosting their morale.

5 Tips For Choosing A Corporate Award

Have a Clear Budget

Award stores have incredible ranges of awards that cater to varying budget sizes. Planning in advance the much you are willing to spend on each recipient will make it less taxing to make a decision. Ensure that your budget is arranged in a way that the highest accomplishers get more worthy trophies than employees with minor achievements. It would be inappropriate to get a personalised crystal award for a junior employee who has just made a good sale and give a wooden plaque as a lifetime achievement award to a retiring staff member. Even with a budget in place, don’t focus too much on it that you end up insulting employees with the awards you give them.

Consider Style

Image is everything here because you are creating a legacy for your company, which has to be a good one. It is possible to have trophies and plaques designed especially for your organisation such that your corporate awards hold a symbolism. You can pick materials, colours and patterns that will fit the objectives of the recognition program. Note that your choice of style should align with your budget because design influences production costs.


Employees want to feel special, and your company can achieve that by making trophies and other products appeal to the persona of the recipient. Learn a few details about a specific individual to help with personalisation, which can be in the style or message included on the award. For example, including the recipient’s favourite quote or colour will give an award a personal touch. Get creative when it comes to customisation, and your recipients will appreciate it.


Of course, having a special message engraved on a plaque or sculpture will increase significance. The text that you intend to have on an award will depend on the size of the reward. Always have the message ready before shopping for products to know which ones will be a good fit. Trying to squeeze a long congratulatory message on a small canvas will look awkward and ruin the overall design.

Display Options

Consider the type of presentation that an award provides and if it’s suited to the occasion and recipient. A majority of corporate EFX awards are designed for desk or shelf displays, but you have to know which ones qualify. An award that is distracting, whether in style, size or colour may not be appropriate for a desk display. If you are giving a medal, putting it in a beautiful presentation box will be ideal. If the recipient is an employee with a small office, getting a large crystal award that goes on the shelf would just be crass because it will look out of place in that space. In such an instance, a paperweight award is more appropriate. If you intend to recognise a team, then an honour plaque is just the thing because it can be hung on a wall for everyone to see.