3 Things You Should Know About Italy Wine Tours

Italy is rich with wine culture. The wineries of this place reflects the traditional and cultural extravaganza. And if you are looking for quality, Italian wines serves it to the finest. You get to taste different varieties and flavours that will just blow your mind. It is actually the oldest wine producing country in the world. So, there could go little wrong when you are touring Italy’s vineyards and tasting rooms.

A large portion of the Italian countryside is specifically dedicated to producing Italian wines. Be it the north, the centre or the south and islands, Italy is prosperous with wine. Explore and savour the grapes and the diverse regions from this beautiful wine producing country.

Here are few things that will surely make your wine experience an extra special and flavourful!

#1 The Type of Tour you Want

First things first, you have to determine the kind of tour you want to go on. This asks for deciding your budget, time in your hands and the regions you want to visit. Further, you need to check the kind of tour you would like to go to.

  • Customized Wine Tour – A guide will handle all your arrangements from wine tastings, transportation, lunch to even travel and hotel arrangements. These private tours are generally expensive but they are based on your specific preferences and are more inclusive.
  • Self-guided Wine Tour – In this, a guide will provide you the information and recommendations on where to stop, eat and drink. It is the least expensive option but you have to book your appointments for wine tasting yourself and not everyone speaks english.
  • A Large Group Wine Tour – This is not a pricey option as it is not customized to your interests. They are more of general wine tours where a number of people are involved.

When doing a Wine Tour in Italy

#2 Things To “Do”

  • Do remember to eat, a little at least, before you start your wine tour. And have an informative and fun day. The time goes by fast when you are having a field day at wine tastings, so learn all you can and make the most out of it. And do ask questions from both the tasting room worker and the guide.
  • If you can make room in your luggage, buy a bottle of wine to show your appreciation. Do carry cash as card machines may not be an option for most merchants in Italy.
  • Go all the way, live the Italian life. Indulge yourself in the lunch hour by relishing local delicacies. You can even go for the complete Italy food and wine tours to make your day more magical. Don’t overdo yourself by doing more than four to five wineries in a day. Just sit back, relax and soak in the wonderful wine and the whole experience.

#3 Things “Not to Do”

  • Do not ask the producer or staff for their favourite wine. For them each wine is like their child, so they can’t really choose. You can rather ask of the type of drink that is best to drink at a particular time.
  • Do not expect your guide to have every single technical wine detail. The winery staff posses all the technical information, ask them. The guide’s job is basically to organise the trip, provide you with information and making sure that the day goes nice and smooth.
  • Do not always expect luxurious tasting rooms and wineries. And do not pour wine from the bottle left on the table. You just need to ask, if you want some more.

Italy is an amazing place to savour remarkable wines and delicious food. Treat yourself with an exciting and memorable Italy food and wine tours.