Why SAS Certification Training Is Important from Professional Point Of View?

In the past decade, there has been a histrionic proliferation in the number of companies (Microsoft, Novell, Lotus) proposing certification as part of their business association program. In step with this mushrooming trend, the SAS certification training was ushered in by SAS Institute at SUGI in the year 1999.

Since being set in motion over 6 years ago, there have been over 5000 pros certified around the world across different industry verticals. Even though most people know that SAS certification exists, but many are out there who are still unclear about the worth of having this qualification.

Through this post, we shall have a comprehensive overview about SAS certified professional program and related benefits in terms of its present worth to employees and upcoming influence on jobs.


Being a SAS programmer or technical manager employed in industry or university, you are perhaps mindful of the accessible informative tools which would expand your SAS understanding and improve the career of your workforces.

SAS certification training is one such course which is easily accessible to users at present. Since its original inception the certified professional program has undergone several transformations. The examinations were in the beginning based on a particular SAS version, but these days applicants are now assessed at a job role level more willingly than a specific SAS version.

The SAS certified program presently proposes around five internationally acknowledged certification trajectories which are premeditated to evaluate the skill set and awareness base of SAS users across a wide spectrum of explicit areas.

Basically, you will find two SAS certifications (Basic and Advanced) and three forte trajectories which emphasis on web development and warehouse technology. Each trajectory entails successful completion of one or more certification examination before a programmer can become completely certified.


  • Enhances your skill sets and proficiency by going through the progression of getting ready for a SAS exam. Even long-time SAS users will make most from the experience.
  • Industry substantiation of your SAS expertise.
  • Improved reliability with your employer as a technical evangelist committed to individual progression.
  • Augmented marketability if you are seeking better job opportunities in the multinational companies.
  • SAS credentials are job-role determined, with speedy relevancy to tangible world prerequisites.
  • SAS expertise is in high market demand across the globe. There are increasing number of SAS speciality roles, such as business analyst, data scientist, data warehouse architect, statistician, and database programmer, to name a few.
  • It’s proven to increase your earning power.
  • Demarcated training pathways and certification training modules make preparation more handy and within your means.
  • SAS certified experts can make the grade for concessions on other SAS training.
  • SAS certified professionals are registered in the Directory of SAS Certified Experts which can be retrieved by firms to check your credentials.

Accomplishing SAS certification training is worth considering if you can equate to anything enumerated above. Well, it might just be the most advantageous thing you accomplish all year. This certification program majorly encompasses credentials that corroborate SAS expertise in programming, analytics, administration, data management, and enterprise business intelligence. So think about it and enrol for the course before it’s too late.