Why Copper Nails Are So Popular?

You probably have walked down a hardware store thousand times and seen copper nails. However, do you have proper idea as to who buy these types of nails and what are they used for? Copper nails are very useful and can be used in a number of situations and for many different purposes.

Types of Copper Nails:

When it comes to use copper nails for your personal house remodeling work, the first thing you need to know is the types of copper nails available in the market. The most common types of copper nails are clout nails and annular ring clout nails. Apart from these, you can find several different types of copper nails in nearly any hardware store. For example, copper pins, slates, straps, and disk rivets are the other common types of copper nails available largely in the market.

What Are the Copper Nails Used for?

Copper nails are mostly used for slates and roofing materials for example, tiles. These types of nails come in a huge array of various sizes since everyone needs different kinds of nails for different projects. In some other cases, people will end up using copper nails since building regulations in certain areas prohibit the use of galvanized nails for roofing types such as slate. Also, people use copper nails in coastal regions since galvanized nails do last in this region.

Why Copper Nails are Used?

There are many different reasons why people use copper nails instead of galvanized nails. Basically, copper nails are known for offering a great level of longevity that other types of nails do not provide. Apart from that, copper nails offer an ease of use that no other kinds of nails provide. Copper nails can be easily pulled out and they do not lose their protection in any circumstances.

Generally, the galvanized nails corrode very quickly and this actually leads to issues such as roof slates sliding off of the roof. Copper nails are also used on roof for their endurance, which will make your roof last longer.

Types of Copper Nails:

Another important type of copper nail is copper pin. This type of pin is basically used for decorating, such as beading and other crafting applications. Copper pins are significantly short and perfect size for any decorating tasks you have in your home. Also, copper nails have a longer life than many other types of nails used for decorating projects. However, copper pins are only for indoor use only.

A special type of copper nail is also used for roofing as rivets. These types of nails are perfect if you have fiber cement tiles or slates. They are perfect way to secure your tiles and slates to your rooftop. Usually fiber cement tiles are much easier to use than traditional tiles and slates since they can be easily replaced. With copper nails, these types of jobs even become easier.

If you are looking for good nail for roof work, decoration, and craft work in your house, copper nails can be the ideal solution. They can be found almost all nearby hardware store and are really inexpensive as well.