What It Takes To Become A Successful Woman Executive

Experts in the field of trade, industry and commerce feel that women who hold executive posts in various corporate organizations have certain inherent traits and individualities that distinguish from others especially their male counterparts. This is notwithstanding the fact, that only four percent of all C-executives in companies that fall within the category that Fortune 500 magazine stipulates are women. However, these industry specialists say that there are certain unique benefits that these executives bring to the corporate enterprises they work in that set them apart in the business and finance world.

Heather Weber is an example for how women can succeed in climbing the corporate ladder and leave their mark in a male-dominated profession. She is a Certified Public Accountant and an executive, who has more than 20 years of valuable experience in carrying out extensive audits in prominent hospitals in New York. Her expertise extends to organizing, coordinating, executing and supervising audits, which encompass recognizing and analyzing critical areas for audit, internal control and scrutinizing risk assessment for clients. In addition to this, she is responsible for performing audit procedures and preparing financial statements including footnote disclosures as per the requirements of GAAP standards.  She lists three important characteristics all women who work as executives in various organization possess and puts them in a separate league:

  • Pay no attention to underrepresentation

Most women who currently hold the office of Chief Executive Officers in diverse corporate enterprises admit their hard work, self-confidence and inherent skills are factors that made a significant contribution to their success. Moreover, they say that despite the lack of women in executive posts in many areas of trade and commerce, they never had time to consider this issue while they carrying their responsibilities in various capacities.

  • Natural aptitude to take calculated risks

Unlike their male counterparts, women executives do not hesitate to taking the risk of walking off the beaten track and seeking opportunities there than traditional avenues. In fact, most females who have become successful as leaders in a trade, industry and commerce say rather than following  implied conventions themselves they make the world follow their trend. This implies taking advantage of opportunities that available in diverse areas and having an inherent tolerance to take calculated risks where it is necessary.

  • Zeal for education

Across a wide spectrum of the business and financial world, women who have become successful in occupying the post of executives in the organizations they represent have an MBA qualification. This degree provides them with the necessary skills to take advantage of the various opportunities as they climb the corporate ladder and build the necessary networks with liked-minded individuals. This goes a long way in giving a boost to their careers.

Heather Weber states that women aspire to become successful executives of the organizations they work in need to remember that the world of business and finance is still a male-dominated domain. It is imperative for them to use their natural talents, skills and confidence to evolve and break the glass ceiling.