What Is The Importance Of Face Recognition?

In the tech era where the security is the biggest concern, authentication is one of the biggest factors of security that is also a main concern. Earlier, there were only few ways to authenticate yourself such as ID cards, government approved IDs but now they have been replaced with some new techniques such as bio-metrics, card punch, etc. But these techniques are also getting replaced by a new technique called as face recognition. You face is becoming your digital identification. You do not need to carry some cards and all; your face is the only ID through which you can be authenticated.

What Is The Importance Of Face Recognition?

The experiments for Face Recognition were started in 1960s and after then, research is going on till now to make it better and more efficient. It is being used everywhere nowadays such as by government, security professionals and police for authentication and security purposes.

Applications of Face Recognition

  1. Apple uses this technology for sharing photos with tagged friends automatically.
  2. Microsoft is using this technique for authentication purposes in some windows such as Windows10.
  3. Face recognition is also being used by Google and Facebook to automatically detect faces of friends on the shared picture.
  4. China has first facial recognition ATM in world where money can be withdrawn only when face of the owner is detected.
  5. It is widely used in airports for detecting face for authentication purpose.

How It Works?

Facial Recognition works in the sequence of steps which are explained as follows:

  • First of all, a picture of the face is captured by the system to register the face in the system.
  • After the image is captured, unique data for the image is extracted and a template for it gets created.
  • After the creation of template, comparison of template to the new sample is done.
  • After comparison, system becomes able to make decision that whether features that have been extracted match to the new sample or not.

In facial recognition technology, image can be captured from some distance from the system without touching the system while in any biometric system; you need to touch the system such that it matched your fingerprint. Using facial recognition, one does not need to wait for long time to get the image captured.

Face recognition is highly efficient because face of every human being has unique features and it has been researched that every human face has about 80 nodal points.

The features of face that a facial recognition system uses to detect the faces are as follows:

  1. Evaluating the distance between one eye and other eye.
  2. Evaluating the width of nose.
  3. Calculating height of eye sockets.
  4. Identifying shape of cheekbones.
  5. Evaluating the length of a jaw line.

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