Unlocked Phones: Buying Guide

With the fast developing world it becomes harder and harder being up to date. However, if you are not a techno-freak you get a possibility to very easily save a lot of money on purchasing a used phone and still be up to date. In the article below you can find several useful info about purchasing a used phone from either a private party or a retailer.


One of the most common options for buying used, refurbished, and even new smartphones is through independent or so-called private online platforms, such as eBay, Kijiji, Craigslist, and even social networks.
One of the greatest things about private is the ability of a buyer to check selling price chart. It means that you can find out your iPhone price of any model available in the market. It is good because a lot of models drop over time, but every once in a while prices will rise as something changes in the market.

Unlocked Phones: Buying Guide

Another great benefit of private platforms is buyer’s protection. It means that first of all your payments are protected so no one will be able to use your payment data in their purposes. Furthermore, in case the phone you have ordered and paid for does not correspond to the description, you will be able to get your money back and send to smartphone back too. And, finally, you have a great possibility to negotiate the price showed on the website directly with the seller.


The second most commonly used possibility for buying a used, refurbished, and sometimes even unlocked phone is from your retailer. Refurbished phones, though considered to be new, are the used phones that have been renewed and repaired. Most frequently these models have great shape and as a rule even come with some kind of warranty. Warranty is a great advantage of buying from a retailer because most frequently you will not get any warranty from a private party.

When working with huge retailers you need to be ready spending some time for finding the right model and make of a smartphone you are looking for. Yet the great thing here is that here you can buy certified used devices and on top of that you even have return policy (usually up to 30 days).

When working with retailer stores you will also be able to negotiate some price, but be ready that not everything will be as easy here as with private parties. Anyway, before you head to the store, make sure to check Blackberry price range for every model that you have in mind. Always remember that knowledge and background search are you best and strongest weapon against paying more than you plan and want to.

We hope that information described in the article above will help you purchase the right used smartphone without getting screwed. And our final tip is to try both ways and to decide afterwards which one offers you a better deal.