Tips For Buying Lifting Points At The Best Rates Available

Lifting points are used in numerous different applications. These points can be placed in the ceilings, or on the walls, and some are also operated by cranes. Some lifting points are fixed in place, and don’t have rotational movement. However, there are certain lifting points that can also rotate around their position. One of the most common applications of lifting points is in workshops. The lifting points are installed on the ceiling, or on any hard overhead surface, and can be used for lifting heavy loads such as the engine of a car. There are many industrial corporations that currently sell lifting points, as well as other load bearing tools and links.

Since these lifting points are generally used by construction companies, and contractors, it’s important that you keep the costs as low as possible. Even a small difference in the pricing could have a huge impact on the overall costs of the project. Here are some tips on how to purchase Brindley Chains lifting points, at the best possible rates.

Check Your Specifications

Before you place an order for lifting points, you should first take a look at the specifications. Make sure that you purchase lifting points from a company that has ISO 9001 certification. Ideally, you should look for lifting points that guarantee a minimum safety factor of at least 4:1. Many companies provide details about the results of dynamic load tests, in order to satisfy their customers. Always buy lifting points that are clearly marked with serial numbers, so that they are traceable later on regarding the batch they were made in. Always check the specifications for the maximum loads that the lifting points can bear, before you place an order. You can check the technical brochure on the company’s website for the maximum load specifications.

Ordering in Bulk

Most companies that manufacture lifting points have separate distribution channels. They sell lifting points and other lifting products directly, and through a channel of distributors. Obviously, if you are buying through a distributor, you will have to pay a premium. Rather than paying more, you can place an order directly through the company. Placing an order in bulk might also help you get a major discount on the lifting points. Ideally, most construction companies place orders in bulk for that simple benefit. You can also order different types of lifting points from one company, in order to bring the prices down.

Compare Prices in Detail

Before you place an order for lifting points, you should always compare quotes from different manufacturers, in order to see which manufacturer offers the best prices. One of the biggest mistakes that many companies make when placing an order, is that they don’t request quotes from different manufacturers before they lock in their order. Always compare the invoices in detail, and see if you can remove any useless expenses from the order.  It could save you a great deal of money when placing a larger order. If you keep these tips in mind, you are much more likely to save yourself money in the long run.