Room For All: How To Maximize Parking Space At Your Corporate Headquarters

Room For All: How To Maximize Parking Space At Your Corporate Headquarters

For your large corporate space, you may need to maximize your parking strategy. You not only need sufficient space for your employees, but you also need enough space for visitors who may come to visit your headquarters for whatever reason. The good news is that there are several easy ways to increase your corporate parking space effectively.

Room For All: How To Maximize Parking Space At Your Corporate Headquarters

The Parking Stalls

The parking stall width needs to be maximized in such a way that makes the most of available space. But at the same time, the parking stall width needs to account for differences in the sizes of various vehicles. Also, keep in mind the average width of vehicles in your area. If you live in an area where thinner vehicles are more common, you may be able to get away with having smaller parking lot stalls.

The Cars

Parking lot stalls could be designed to fit every type of vehicle. This will ensure that drivers of larger vehicles are always able to find a parking space. However, this may also lead to a shortage of parking lot stalls. Another option is to have a mix of parking stalls of different widths. This is ideal if the composition of the vehicle width is predictable. However, there is no guarantee that drivers of compact cars will choose smaller stalls unless these stalls are specifically labeled for this purpose.

Vertical Space

The vertical space of the parking lot space might need to be utilized by constructing a parking garage. In some cases, you may not be able to fit the ramps necessary to utilize vertical space. Fortunately, another option is to hire Forte Lift Services to install a car lift.

The Module

Decide the type of module that your parking lot will use. Stalls that are parallel to each other maximize the amount of space that is used. However, it can be more difficult to pull out of a stall module like this. The slanted stalls are easier to pull out of and it is less likely that there would be an accident.

While a parking lot might seem like a minor part of a corporate headquarters, it is the first impression that a business has on visitors and can also affect the productivity of your company. Your company will be surprised of how many cars can be fit in your parking lot space with the right ingenuity.