Relax and De-stress With A Game Of Golf

As a great golf enthusiast or an amateurin the green lush field of golf, most possibly, you’ve gone through a number of articles to know how to play better golf or the guidelines of playing captivating golf. But, do you know that apart from being a most popular worldly acknowledged leisure sport , this gentleman’s game help attain a number of health benefits to golf players?

The whole idea of the game needs you engaging on huge lush outdoor measuring between 40 to 200 acres of land with a view to drive a small-hard ball into a number of holes (18 or more) made on the field with minimum possible strokes. Most people, not familiar with the popular most game consider it as just a relaxing sport meant for wealthy people who enjoy it as a time pass game while drinking wine or having an recreational party. If you also go with this misconception, then just change your view and have to look into its great workout approach.

Burns Calories

Covering 40 to 200 acres of area and walking across 18 or more holes as well as carrying backpack help players burn near about 1500-2000 calories. This amount may vary depending on the topography of the golf course and weather. According to the great golf lover and player,  Clay Hutson, areal estate agent by profession, that in an uneven country side land works superior, while even if you play on flatter lands, the golf round itself needs high level of energy and help you get rid of overweight. Considering all episodes of the game including carrying bags, walking swinging, typically golfers can effectively burn at the mean level of 1000 calories/ per game.

Offers Healthy Heart

Playing golf is a good exercise plan for your heart. While, burning calories, all activities that are involved increase one’s heart rate. In other sense, this makes the heart pump for more time and increase blood flow. Thus, the game offers you a healthy heart and lowers the risk of cardiac diseases and also helps lessen ‘bad’ cholesterol level.

Excellent Workout Enriching Your Brain

With the increased heart rate, your brain gets extra blood flow, which stimulates and elevates adjoining nerve cells. In different studies, it is established that the game can help lessening the acuteness of dementia. Competing with your fellow golfers make you take challenging steps and strokes that boost your self-esteem and confidence level. Fostering different styles and strategic ways to synchronize between actions of hand and eye automatically make brain alert, analytic and active.

Clay Hutson holds a MBA degree from renowned Seattle University. From his college days, completed in Washington College, he has been popular for his great performance in Golf. He is also fond of American football and his most preferred music is Country Music. He loves watching comedy TV programs and Movies. Being an immense Seattle Seahawks enthusiast, he has amazing collection of memorabilia. The delicious dishes of Sushi Restaurants are his favorite. As per Mr. Clay that playing golf requires high level visual power to zoom on the long, stretched yards, and this also improves the concentration level.