Need To Harness Inherent Empowerment Skills In Women

Many women who enter the labor market as senior executives normally feel that despite their natural talents, qualifications and contribution, they do not get the appreciation they deserve from their superiors and colleagues in the workplace. Unlike previous generations, more women are now playing a more prominent role in the working environment and have certain inherent abilities that assist them to become more successful even in male-dominated professions. In order to overcome the gender-bias that men have against women entering the workplace, it is imperative for them to recognize the inherent natural talents and unique self-employing skills that help them to surge ahead.

Heather Weber is a prominent CPA and executive with over two decades of valuable experience in carrying out extensive audits of hospitals in New York and New Jersey.  Currently, she is a Director of finance in one of the largest healthcare institutes in New Jersey. Her job profile encompass the preparation, execution and supervision of full scope audits of such establishments include identifying and analyzing critical areas for audit, internal control and scrutinizing risk assessments for clients. In addition to this, he work involves performing audit procedures and preparing financial statements including footnotes as per the GAAP guidelines. To many of her female colleagues, she is an inspiration and an example of how women can make their mark in a male-dominated occupation.

Need to Recognize Inborn Abilities

Mrs. Weber acknowledges that many women who intend to join the workplace have inborn natural talents and skills but they feel that those aptitudes are not enough to help them climb the corporate ladder. She feels that this is a misconception that most women have of their capabilities. In fact, many businesses and corporate organizations recognize and value such innate abilities women have in spite of the fact like their male counterparts they need to master certain technical business skills. She explains that by simply harnessing their inherent talents and abilities, women can emancipate themselves and achieve whatever they want.


Mrs. Weber goes on to mention the communication skills that most women are inborn with when dealing and interacting with children. She states that communication is essential in any organization that a person enters in the workplace environment but women in general are natural communicators. They are aware of the right phase-structure and language to use when dealing with and intermingling with children. If they can adjust these skills slightly to suit the needs of business environment, women can manage people in a commercial organization in an effective and efficient manner. Even in the field of training, women have an advantage over men because they certain nurturing traits that make them better guides than men.

The Sky is the Limit

Heather Weber admits that no all women are the same and their inherent abilities are not identical. It is imperative for all women to identify the unique skills they posses and use those abilities to their advantage for their professional empowerment in the workplace. There is no reason why women cannot be effective and efficient leaders in business and finance like their male counterparts.