Know More About Chronic Hepatitis C and Chronic Hepatitis B

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Hepatitis is a disease caused by the inflammation of the liver. Many a times it is limited to self and sometimes it progresses to fibrosis liver cancer. It is a kind of virus which causes hepatitis, but there are several other viruses too which can cause hepatitis. Intake of alcohol or any other kind of drugs can be the reason behind this. Buying a hepatitis medicine from India, online can be quite affordable. There are five various kinds of hepatitis virus namely, A, B, C, D & E. Here in this blog we are going to discuss basically about hepatitis C and Hepatitis B

Chronic Hepatitis C:

This is a disease spread basically through the infected blood. This may cause due to the contaminated and impure blood and any of the blood products. One more reason for this is the use of used injections during some of your medical procedure. Sometimes it is caused due to the wrong use of drugs or medicines. Hepatitis C medicine, buy online and save good amount of money.

Know More About Chronic Hepatitis C and Chronic Hepatitis B

Sometimes sexual transmission can also be a reason for this, but there is a very rare chance of this to happen. As it enters the body, it tends to cause infection in the liver. With the passage of time it tends to infect the liver and gradually damages it completely. This condition may prove to be fatal if left untreated. Hepatitis C medicine online shopping is quite affordable.

As per the research, 3.2 million Americans have been suffering from the infection of Chronic Hepatitis C. Most of them are really unaware of this fact that they have this problem with them. There is not any such vaccine for chronic Hepatitis C. The later stage of Hepatitis is called Chronic Hepatitis C. It will last in your body for around six months. About 85% of the people with Acute Hepatitis C, tends to get the infection of Chronic Hepatitis C.

Chronic Hepatitis B:

There are more than one million people in the US who are suffering from Chronic Hepatitis B. In the acute case of this infection the patient never feels the pain or the symptoms of the infection in their body. It is at the very severe case that you start feeling and seeing the symptoms. At this stage of this infection you should really take care of yourself. It tends to spread the infection to other people so make sure that you take care of the family members. By taking the proper care you can prevent it from spreading to your friends and families. There are many hepatitis medicine suppliers all over USA. It is just that you need to be very careful while choosing the best one for you.

Preventive measures for Chronic Hepatitis B:

  • Infected people need to go to the doctor for regular check
  • Time to time check up will help you find out the status of your infection
  • Do not forget to see the doctor twice a year
  • Keep doing the ultrasound check in few intervals of time
  • Get a review from your doctor about the medicines you are taking
  • Please avoid alcohol

The above write will help you a lot to know about Chronic Hepatitis B and Chronic Hepatitis C. Looking for a Hepatitis medicine supplier? Get best hepatitis C medicine online from Gandhi medicos at a cheaper price.