How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider

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When looking for a web hosting provider to get your website up and running, it’s important to do your due diligence.

There are many factors to consider from a technical and price standpoint… One of the biggest things to keep in mind though is trust.

Did you know there are several hundred or even thousand web hosts out there? Most of them are actually re-sellers, which means they’re just renting server space from the bigger hosts and selling them to you under a different brand.

I personally choose CanSpace for my web hosting. Let me tell you what criteria they pass.

1) Stay away from “Unlimited” hosting packages. This is a untrustworthy practice by many hosting companies. There is no such thing as unlimited.

Web Hosting

2) 24/7 Support. Having people that actually respond to your emails is super important for those times when you may have a technical issue. You will get no support or very poor support from companies that promise you a ton of value at no cost.

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3) Server speed and security. Make sure that your host takes care of things like back-ups, ensuring efficiency from servers so your website is fast and protected from hackers.

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In Conclusion

Basically CanSpace passes the above – and their prices are also great. Definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a web host.

Trust is super important. So make sure the company you choose has a good rep and reviews.