How Mr. Naul’s Company Has Been Investing In Real Estate Sectors?

How Mr. Naul’s Company Has Been Investing In Real Estate Sectors

The Javelin Group, LLC, based in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A has been into senior care real estate and hospitality real estate. The company has invested across the full senior care range which includes assisted living, independent living, skilled nursing and memory care.

  • The assisted living is a long-standing senior care choice that offers personal care support services such as medication management, transportation, dressing bathing, and meals.
  • The independent living is accommodation planning that is made solely for seniors. The accommodation may include freestanding homes to apartment-style living.
  • The skilled nursing includes the senior’s need of care or treatment that can be carried out only by the licensed nurse.
  • The memory care is a type of long-term care intended to meet the specific needs of the seniors suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other types of memory problems.

Apart from focusing on the senior care real estate, the Javelin Group, LLC have been involved in several re-positioning programs and hotel investment and have profound relations with workers and brand businesses.

How Mr. Naul’s Company Has Been Investing In Real Estate Sectors

Alan Naul founded the company in the year 2004 which specializes in strategic investments in commercial real estate for the senior living and hospitality sectors. His immense knowledge and skills in various fields has helped his company to climb the success of ladder more swiftly. Mr. Naul is an inspirational advisor with archetypal management and tactical skills. He has done his graduation in business administration from the Cox School of Business, which is a part of the Southern Methodist University in Texas.  He is a capable team leader who uses various tactics to motivate his team in order to bring out the best in them each time they perform a project. Moreover, he does not fall back from using new technologies in order to get the competitive edge in the market and also goes out of his way to teach his team how to use such technology. This is the why he and his team are always in demand in the market.

Before joining Javelin Group, Alan Naul has been associated with The Hampstead Group, LLC as the Managing Director from December 1989 to December 2003. Here he was looking after the firm’s real estate and corporate investments. His accountabilities comprised of comprehending and applying portfolio acquisition strategies and single asset and for asset management of the company’s investments in the hospitality and senior healthcare arenas. He also co-succeeded the attainment of one hundred and forty acres of prime development property in upscale Dallas, Texas out of a major corporate insolvency.

Alan says that since its inception days, the principals of Javelin have deployed more than one hundred dollar million in equity commitments from a combination of finance companies, institutional investors, and investment funds, and high net worth persons.

So, if you are looking for a company that makes strategic investments in real estate properties and associated operational companies in the hospitality and senior living sectors; then you can contact Mr. Alan Noel’s, the Javelin Group LLC.

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