Greek Picnic: TOP 9 Places To Have Picnic In Athens

Athens is not only the city of ancient ruins and exciting views. You can go picnic in Athens the year around. Of course, it is better to do it in summer. So, where can you find a cozy green place to have picnic and do not be finned. What are they?

Lycabettus Hill

The picnic with beautiful panoramic view is guaranteed, if you could climb the highest mountain in Athens. If you do it on foot, the pathways, mountain roads are in your full disposal. Do not forget that mountain is 300 meters high. The optimal variant is climb with the help of funicular. It is very easy to find it: go out in Evangelismos metro station and go up the street. Look around! The funicular signs are at every step. It costs 7 EUR.

There is a restaurant, but it is very expensive. You can have picnic at one or another bench on the top of a hill. It is better to do it in the evening. Do not make experiments in the field of cactuses. Thus, Lycabettus picnic is symbolic ritual that helps you to enjoy the beauty of nature.


Philopappou Hill

The entrance is free. There are many beautiful places to have picnic around the hill. You can find a cozy park on the bottom of a hill. So, you can have picnic there in a sunny day. Actually, this place is not very popular for tourists. You can find an interesting statue to prominent patron of Athens that was many times contributed into the city development. The statue looks like

Kaisariani Park

The mark to find the park is ancient church. You can ask about how to find this place. Follow the nut groves and cypress forest. It is about 6 kilometers from Athens. Catch the bus number №224. Of course, the best variant is hiring car in Athens and go over the circle road. You can have picnic on a bench or ride bicycle.

Antonis Tritsis Park

This park is not bigger than Hyde Park in London. The square of it is 1420 hectares. The square of Antonis Park is 1200 hectares. There are 6 lakes on the territory of park. You can find the best time for picnic here. Look at that nice cozy bench and wooden table. There are many of them. The main thing is never forget to pick up after your company. It is about 8 kilometers from Athens.

The Presidential Guard Goes Around the National Gardens

Syngrou Park

The square is about 950 hectares. You are surrounded with olive trees, pine trees and the sea of flowers. There are many ground pathways and lawns. There is also a church – the only one Orthodox Church in Greece. It is situated in the North of Athens. You can get there by metro or by car. The station you need is Kifissia or Maroussi.

Galati Grove

This green zone has great ecological meaning. You can find everything for good picnic: pine trees, sport grounds, playground, and cinema in the open air and many other interesting and picturesque places for picnic.

National Garden

The National Garden of Athens is municipal garden that is situated in the territory of 15,5 hectares in the center of the city. There are ancient ruins in the garden. The garden is named National Garden. The central entrance is situated in Leoforos Amalias – street that was named after Queen Amalia. There is another entrance from Vasilissis Sophias Avenue. You can find a beautiful lake for ducks, Botanic museum, kids’ library cafes and playground.

National Gardens

Davelis Cave

Davelis Cave is situated in the South of Panteli Mountain on a high of 720 meters. There is a complex system of underground caves and pathways. What is interesting, the caves and pathways are changing every day. The general length of catacombs is many kilometers. There is a little Byzantine chapel at the entrance. The caves are unique place to have picnic. Of course, you cannot have picnic inside the mountain. Nevertheless, there is enough space outside.

Vouliagmenis Lake

This is a place to speak about. The lake is situated in the South coast of Attica, 21 kilometer from the center of Athens. It is 100 meters from the sea. There is a nice legend that you can meet a mermaid in the deep of a lake. She is hunting for young men. People do not afraid swimming in the lake the year around. There is a beautiful view to Greek capital. The bottom of the lake consists of labyrinths of underground caves, tunnels and karst formations (typical form for carbonate rocks).

Thermal bathes of this Lake are also popular. The water is healthful in the lake. The thermal bathes are situated 50 meters from the beach line along the road to Athens. The water temperature is about 20-27 degrees during the year. The water contains minerals, metals. The lake is popular of its thermal water. The water can help to treat rheumatism, skin and gynecological diseases, tooth and headaches, eczemas and articulus problems.

The beach around the lake attracts tourists to have picnic there. It is well-equipped: sunshades, sunbeds. There is also a cafe. The hot waters of the lake welcome tourists in summer and in winter. This is not enough. There are many other healthful services, including hydrotherapy. Never forget that water boasts healthful abilities. Enjoy it!


What is below the city? Do you want to know? Athens is surrounded by high mountains, green rocks and beautiful lawns. Imitos Mountain, Pantelikon welcome you to have a walk, taking pictures to forget about the noisy city. There is nothing better to relax.

Look around! Of course, Athens is attractive metropolis. Nevertheless, the city is attractive for picnics. There are many green oases, forests and parks. They were created to spend time in the open air in a big company. If you want to have some rest, jump in your car and go out. This is a great chance to escape from the noisy city for some time and make holiday picnic far from the city sights, shops and architectural monuments.

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