Galvin Green Insula Garment

Galvin Green Insula golf wear offers an exceptional feel with superb comfort, enhanced warmth and added style appeal for 2016. Designed as the second, warm layer of the brand’s Multi-Layer Concept – Insula golf pullovers and full zip jackets are some of the most sought after garments amongst the most stylish of golfers. But just what makes them so special?

Insula™ derives its meaning from the Latin for “Insulate” – the primary function of all Galvin Green Insula clothing. The innovators behind the brand sought to apply the same theory of insulation by preventing heat loss with a thick, airy material – but they knew this wouldn’t be appropriate enough for modern golfers without further modifications. We need our mid layers to provide that heightened degree of warmth, but this can often come at a cost of feeling restricted and uncomfortable at crucial moments in the swing. We need warmth, we need insulation – but we also need comfort and stretch.

Galvin Green Insula Garment

Insula™ came to life with a special knit fabric which created air chambers, designed to capture and trap pockets of air in between two layers of technical fabric. This trapped air could then be warmed by body heat exerted during performance – but how could the engineers minimise restriction during the golf swing and make the garments as lightweight as possible without losing functionality?

Introducing: the waffle effect. This grid-like pattern not only increases the surface area and capacity of the air chambers – but it also reduces the bulk required to create such an effective garment. The Insula fabric is soft, supple and super lightweight with a lot of stretch – hence minimal restriction and maximum comfort for golf. Furthermore, Galvin Green Insula garments have moisture wicking properties which enhances breathability – reducing that sticky feeling on the inside of the garment which can arise during performance.

Maintaining the fabric is easy – simply machine wash at a moderate temperature between 30º C-40ºC and hang to dry. The fabric has an incredibly soft handle with superior stretch levels which won’t diminish over time. No need to iron, either, as the Insula fabric remains wrinkle free – wash after wash. Functional and practical, then, but how does Insula golf wear shape up in terms of aesthetic appeal to the modern day golfer?

For 2016, Galvin Green have launched no fewer than six Insula™ styles. The quarter zip pullover option named the DONALD features a touch of contrast colour detail which complements the main palette, with the DARREL introduced as the full zip jacket equivalent. Another quarter zip style exists in the form of the DWAYNE – a solid colour design.

Now and again, we all need just that little bit of extra warmth on the golf course but not enough to warrant a full outer layer; this is where the Galvin Green Insula gilet designs come in very useful. Created for retaining core body warmth, the DILLON is available in three new colour options for Autumn with another three options available in the full zip DENVER style – a firm favourite amongst followers of the brand.

Again playing into current trends from the fairways, Galvin Green launched a new hooded Insula golf jacket for the latter half of the year. The DANTE incorporates all of the same insulating features present across the other styles, but the addition of the hood just elevates the style appeal for the younger generation or those who desire a sports-inspired look on the course. Not one for everyone, but certainly one for the fashion forward and style savvy amongst us.

Tour ambassadors for the brand now include the likes of Morten Orum Madsen, Daniel Im and Ricardo Gouveia – whilst UK golfers such as James Robinson, Matthew Nixon, Chris Paisley and Gary Boyd continue to wear the brand on the European Tour. The brand has also been announced as the “Captain’s Choice” for 2016 and 2018 – providing the European Ryder Cup team with outerwear at both of the next events in the USA and in France. Look out for information on the golf waterproofs and windstopper jackets soon to be worn by team Europe at Hazeltine, set to feature a brand new fabric technology in collaboration with Gore.

Galvin Green are a highly reputable brand in the golf wear market and even provide a lifetime waterproof guarantee across their latest Gore Tex jackets and trousers. Their commitment to providing you with the very best golf clothing in the game also reflects in their latest Insula range; all products carry a two-year guarantee against faulty craftsmanship or material defects. This peace of mind and after-care service is what really separates Galvin Green from the rest of the industry and should tick that final box on the checklist, as if you weren’t sold already.