Easy Ways To Find Perfect Bra Size For Your Breast

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To stay comfortable whole day, it is important to wear comfortable undergarments. So, it is important to wear a bra of perfect size so that you don’t only look comfortable, but also look good in your favorite outfit. So, if you are finding issues like falling bra straps, cleavage, imperfect bra cup, then you might need to update the size of your bra. Before changing the size of bra, it is important to look that which type of bra may suit your bust size. If you really think that you need to look out for the perfect size of bra, then there are some ways to find the perfect bra for your breast. Once you get to know the perfect size of bra, you can buy online bra set.

 Ways to find Perfect Bra Sizes for Breast:

1. Measure your band size: It is a first step to know the perfect bra size for your body. If you are bra less or wearing pad less bra, then you need to measure the band size i.e. area under your bust. The tape that you need to measure the band size should be efficient and comfortable. If you get even number after measuring, then add four inches to that number, whereas if you get an odd number as a result, then add five inches to that inches. It simply means that if you have got number 30, then your band size is 34, or if you have got number 29, then band size is 34. Online padded bra shopping displays size chart with every bra so that you could buy bra according to your band size and bust size.

2. Measure your bust size: After measuring the band size, the next step is to measure your bust size. For measuring bust size, you need to wrap up the measuring tape loosely across fullest part of your chest. Check the size and round it to some nearest whole number. You may buy online bra set by choosing the same bust size from size chart that you have measured.

3. Measure cup size: To measure your cup size, you need to find out the difference between bust measurement and band size by subtracting the band size from bust size. For example, if your bust size is 35 and band size is 34, then your cup size is A, i.e. 34A.

Easy Ways To Find Perfect Bra Size For Your Breast

Some other tips to know you are Wearing a Perfect Bra Size:

  • Turn forward at your waist, put on a bra and close its hook. Check whether your breast is completely in the cups of your bra or not.
  • To see you are wearing perfect size, you should ensure that the back band of the bra should be in the same level as front band.
  • To make sure that your bra is not loose, try to slide one finger under the band. If more than one finger can slide under the band, then it means it is somewhat loose.
  • To fix the issue of falling straps, try to stiffen the band and shorten the length of straps.

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