Documents Needed To Register Online Business In India

Firm registration is an integral prerequisite for running a business in India. Most business authorities cringe at any process that includes even a slight hint of legal formalities. Getting your business registered might seem like a difficult and cumbersome process, on the contrary, it is very easy.

Documents Needed To Register Online Business In India

The flux of the internet services has made everything easy for humans in every facet of life. Firm registration is no different. All thanks to the instantaneous advantage offered by the internet, every firm has this opportunity to register online business in India. The online process for registering is not only easy and fast, but also it eliminates the need of handling bundles of paperwork. Given below is the list of the documents which are required at the time of firm registration in India.

Documents Required to Register Online Business in India

1. A valid ID proof: A proprietor needs to have a valid ID proof if he wants the registration to be done in his name. A lot of proofs such as Adhar Card or Voter ID card are valid enough, but for the purpose of the firm registration, the PAN Card is an imperative requisite. Not only for the registration, but the pan card is also needed for the banking activities. The proprietor needs to get his PAN card prepared before initiating the process of registration, no matter what type of business he intends to establish.

A few guidelines relating to the Identity proof to register online business in India are given below

  • The identity should have a photograph
  • It should be issued by the State government or the departments of the central Government.
  • It can also be issued by the Public financial institutions, Scheduled commercial banks, public sector undertakings or the regulatory authorities.

2. Proprietor’s Address proof: A valid address proof is the second important document needed to register online business in India. This address proof has to be for the personal residence of the proprietor. The given documents are accepted as the proof.

3. Adhar Card: One of the most reliable documents these days, Adhar card is an indispensable document for most of the purposes. It acts as a residential proof and the identification proof. Even if the proprietor resides in a different city then also an Adhar card is valid for the business registration.

4. Address proof of the firm: The third important document required to register online business in India is a valid proof of the address of the firm.

5. Documents supporting the owned property: In case, the property on which the firm carries its operations is owned by the proprietor then the documents such as copies of the electricity bills, receipts of the property taxes, water bills and the gas bill should be maintained. If these bills are not in the proprietor’s name, then an NOC should be presented. The certificate should state that the owner has no objection with the running of the firm on his property.

6. Documents supporting the rented property: In case the firm is running on a rented property, then a rent agreement and NOC from landlord need to be presented as a proof of the address.

If all the above mentioned documents are sent via an email, then the firm should not face any difficulty to register online business in India.