Common Food Myths That We Should Know

It is quite unfortunate that food myths are sabotaging our efforts. This problem can be quite complicated, bevause the topic of nutrition and diet itself is very complex. We are continuously being bombarded by any kind of information from all angles. Some of the information is quite good, while others are bad. It is important for us to determine incorrect information, especially if we start to believe them. It is also helpful if we know that we have full-blown myths on our hands. It is much better if we can come with sensible and straight-up solutions for our problems.

As an example, it is often suggested that fat free food is a great thing for our body. It means that we often choose low fat food, instead of those that contain a lot more fat. We should know that fat is one of three macronutrients that we should consume, other than carbohydrate and protein. Fat is available naturally in our food and it is important if we want our body to function properly. Fat intake is acceptable, if we obtain it from healthy sources and at recommended amount. However, when we see “fat-free” claims on a food packaging, alarm bells should start to go off in our head.

As an example, it is quite likely that the food we consume isn’t completely natural. Even if the food has negligible amount of fat, it may still contain preservatives, flavor enhancers, coloring and others. The food should not only natural, we should also get healthy protein and more complex carbohydrate. Some fats can be very beneficial for our body, for example if we obtain them from avocado and cold-water fishes. Chemicals and trans fat should be avoided, because they can be quite dangerous. It is actually acceptable to occasionally consume full-fat food, but we should do that with proper moderation. Chemicals and trans fats could really endanger our overall health.

There is also another food myth claiming that eating too much fruits can make us fatter. Fruits are supposed to be good for us, but many of them contain high level of sugar. The presence of glucose in fruits can be seen as a cause of weight gain. In reality, there is no conclusive evidence that people can get fat by eating too much fruits. Sugar obtained from natural sources is generally harmless. However, concentrated fruit juice that is produced in factories could actually cause weight gain due to sugar overload. It is also possible that fruit juices are added with extra sugar.

We also often think that whole grain is very healthy, but improper consumption could cause problems. If we choose whole grain bread, it is still possible that there are unknown ingredients in it. Whole grain label on our bread packaging won’t do anything to our health, if we don’t know how whether we could get only healthy inredients. In general, any bread would be converted into plain sugar and it is important that the rate of conversion is slower. Bread should be made healthier, regardless of what brand we choose.