Are You A Small Enterprise? Why You Need Microsoft Office 365 Today

It’s not that the previous Microsoft Office versions have been ineffective or are not suitable for this day and age anymore – on the contrary, you can use the previous versions of the software just fine and be highly productive. On the other hand, you have to admit that, when it comes to doing business in the here and now, mobility is a highly sought-after commodity; and that’s exactly where Microsoft Office 365 makes it mark. There’s a reason why it’s called 365: it’s all about using the applications anywhere, at any time. Welcome to the world of the cloud, and welcome to the new addition of Microsoft’s famous software. Are you a small enterprise? Here’s why you need Microsoft Office 365 today.


Security is Key

Microsoft Office 365 has gone out of its way to make sure that everything you work on is completely secure – when you’re working and saving your work in the cloud, you deserve to know that it’s safe. Here’s how secure it really is: not only is it protected by a 128-bit SSL/TSL encryption to ward off any potential snoopers, it’s also up-to-date with anti-virus signatures to ensure your work remains impenetrable.

Support and Reliability

Downtime costs a company a lot of money – and that is exactly why being in the cloud is such a great idea. Problems in the office? Forget it, just find another device and you’ll be fine. Microsoft has multiple data centres, so even if one of them breaks down (as any data centre sometimes does), there are others to jump in and make sure business goes on as usual.

Compatible for sure

You don’t necessarily have to update your desktop system to enjoy the benefits of Office 365 – the online version works with Internet Explorer 7 or later (and other portals, of course).

Online Communication

Exchange Online gives you the benefit of doing your business online without the costs that you usually encounter.

Office Web Apps

Microsoft Office Web Apps are an added feature – you don’t have to use them, but they complement your existing applications.

As always, Microsoft does take care of its customers, and that remains true for users of Office 365 – you’ll always get the latest updates and will always be able to get the full features and advantages of the most recent updates of Office products, as a Microsoft Office 365 Consultant from will tell you. And of course, you’re assured that what you get to use has been designed with full government regulations in mind (this means compliance with ISO 27001 standards, completed both SAS70 types of audit, and the EU safety harbour seal). It’s there, it’s new, it’s incredibly convenient, and it allows you to move faster than ever before.