Algarve Tour: TOP 4 Original Places Of Resort

Algarve is friendly atmosphere, admirable nature, and soft climate. This is the most attractive place to have rest there.  The hospitable beaches and big and small cities welcome tourists from all over the world. Algarve is the Southern region of Portuguese, bordering with Spain in the East, Alentejo region in the North and Atlantic Ocean. The wide stripe of saffron sandy beaches, rocky mountains of interesting forms from the North, fantastic malachite water, deep greenery – all these are visiting cards of Algarve.

There are more than 300 sunny days a year. You can also find a lot of interesting sights, restaurants, and attractive conditions for active leisure. If you are interested in safety leisure, high service and great possibility to spend your time actively, Algarve is the right place for your vacation. So, first of all, you should hire a car in Faro, the capital of Algarve, and go to find that particular place to spend your holidays there. So, where to go?

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Places of Resort in Algarve

The most popular resorts in Algarve are Albufeira, Alvor, Vilamoura and Lagos. Each of them is ready to give you an ultimate experience, open its own history to leave imprint in your life.


Albufeira is situated 35 kilometers far from the capital city of the region – Faro. This place is active, noisy and popular among young visitors. The big part of people is Europeans, mostly from Germany and England. The beaches of beautiful nature are situated here. The summer is characterized with calm and pleasant weather. This is the best place to visit with children. The most popular beaches of the region are Peneko, Ora, Inatel. All of them are municipal and free for visitors as the most of Portuguese beaches.

The historical part of Albufeira is in form of small town with the snow-white houses. The main city sights are big city arc, Catholic churches and ancient Tower with a big clock on it.


There is one more popular resort Vilamoura, situated close to Albufeira. It was built in the 20th century special for touristic industry. This is the most popular, fashionable and prestigious resort in Algarve. The huge territory welcomes you with all you need for good rest: golf-clubs, horse-riding school, tennis center, casino, night clubs, restaurants, and yachting-clubs. There are also 3 Aqua parks and one big Zoo.

If you are going to stay in this region, you are offered to live in four or five stars hotel or apartments. There are many beauty salons, SPA-centers, where you can have a good rest, recovering mental tone and beauty. By the way, if you are tired from every day frustration, you can go and see the Ancient Rome ruins and Historical Museum.



There is a small fishing village Alvor not far from the Portimao city. It was a big port in the 16th century. Nevertheless, the city was destroyed during the big earthquake. Alvor is situated on the lagoon of the same name. It includes few sandy beaches. The beaches are well-equipped. The bars, restaurants, night clubs welcome their visitors every day and night in the hot season. This is the summer time!


There is a small resort city Lagos in the West from Algarve. It was a capital of the region in the Middle Age. It is worth visiting because the city was a departure point for all famous sea travellers. In short, this is a start of all geographical inventions. Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus started their way right here. As a matter of fact, Lagos is full of interesting places. One of them is local history museum, where many interesting exhibits are represented. All of them speak about the history of the country.

The city is full of ancient buildings: slave market that was opened in 1445, St Antonio Church, Forte da Ponta da Bandeira. Lagos is surrounded by past relics: the ruins of ancient Roman buildings, churches. This is the paradise for tourists to combine the useful with the pleasant.

The provinces are full of beautiful beaches. You can see the most of the local beaches on the postcards. The rocky beach line boasts with its fantastic caves. You can get there by water. The best picturesque beach is Praia de Dona Ana, situated about 30 minutes walking from the city center. If you do not like beaches that are full of people, you should visit Praia do Camilo or Meia Praia. The most of them are placed about 4 kilometers from the city. Lagos is close to the reserve water basin. You should visit this place because of the most admirable landscapes and nature views.


Algarve Tours

Of course, tourists come to visit Algarve because of the close ocean and beach rest. The peak of the season is July-August. This is the time when city beaches are full of tourists. The hotel suits are reserved. It is really difficult to find a good place here. To find the best variant for your Portuguese summer tour, you should start in spring. Pay attention to the tour operator. It is necessary to check the proposal from the beginning to the ends, including all nuances.

Algarve is a place of surfing schools, camps. You can buy a tour there. Do you think that you can save your money by booking place on your own? As a rule, tour operators are close connected with surfing schools. Thus, it can be much cheaper for you. You do not need to take your sport equipment with you. You can easily hire it for definite period of time or to the end of your vacation.

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The cities of Algarve are included in the excursion routs of Portuguese. You are offered to learn interesting places, examine historical monuments, cultural events. Do not forget to visit popular places of wine making industry, Spa-centers, thematic restaurants and beaches. Whatever you choose, Portuguese will gain your heart with its distinctive character. Thus, your beach weekend seems to be impressive, independently on weather, season and resort specifics.