7 Useful Tips For Better Family Travel

Family Travel

Traveling with kids is a much challenging experience than traveling solo or by the pair. You have to make decisions ahead of time; you need to consider so many things, and for some, you cannot be too loose like when you were back in your traveling days as sweethearts.

So here we’ve rounded up 7 of the most useful tips for better family travel.

1. Make Hotel and Transport Reservations in Advance

So, traveling as a family is far different from traveling as sweethearts when going somewhere without a plan is romantic and adventurous. While this is still fun to do, taking the kids with you without a plan will be chaotic.  To avoid unnecessary hassles and wailing children, book your hotels and transportations in advance. Book your rooms and the number of days you’ll be staying Searching the streets for hotels for hours and waiting (or missing) a ride at the station is pretty problematic. Such a waste of precious time.

7 Useful Tips For Better Family Travel

2. Get a Travel Insurance

So what is the point of getting a travel insurance? Travel insurance has two main categories- trip cancellation insurance and travel health insurance. A trip cancellation travel insurance protects you from losing all your money if unexpectedly, you have to cancel your trip abroad, or you have to end your trip earlier than planned. On the other hand, a travel health insurance will cover you in case you get sick or injured while you are traveling abroad. They are important because in most cases, your insurance back home will not cover you abroad, or if it does, it will only be for a limited amount.

So getting to the point, having travel insurance ensures that unfortunate events are covered, and you are protected financially.

3. Rent Equipment to Save up Space

Some apartment rentals and hotels offer strollers, cribs, car seats, high chairs, playpens, bikes, etc. for rent. The same goes with popular travel destinations. What you can do is to Google your itineraries and check if they have rentals of the things you’ll need.

Image how much space you’ll save from leaving that bulky stroller!

4. Decide on your Destinations Ahead of Time

Choosing the right destination for your trip is crucial.  You should have a sit down with your family and discuss the places you’d see and prioritize your children’s safety and needs. But this doesn’t mean that you should compromise places that interest you, you just need to choose the right destination and bring the right equipment.

For example, you cannot do a mountain trek because there’s no way you can navigate the kid’s stroller and obviously, it’s not safe for little ones. You should also choose accommodations that are near your destinations and local attractions to prevent kids from getting bored and save up money for transportation.

5. Slow Down

Travelling as a family is different from traveling as sweethearts. You used to do so many things, saw so many sights and sored your feet from walking all throughout the day – but this is before the kids.

Ideally, reserve the morning for big activities you have planned when everyone is recharged then spend some rest back in the hotel in the afternoon before going out again for dinner and some leisure time.

7 Useful Tips For Better Family Travel

6. Some Small Treats for the Kids

Giving little treats and surprised for the kids like a new toy, coloring book, sweets, etc. for good behavior while on a long flight or a train ride will encourage them to be behaved most of the time and those toys will surely keep them busy. Also, it would be better to let your children bring home some souvenirs and mementos which they chose themselves so the trip would be memorable for them.

7. Ask Locals for Recommendations

Get lost a little! You can inquire for unpopularly beautiful local tourist spots on the internet, but the best recommendations come from people who live there. This is an alternative to famous tourist attractions that are swarming with people and has endless entrance lines. But if you can’t avoid it, try asking recommendations for shops and restaurants within the area because those that are very near the spot tend to be very expensive.

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